New releases > ELMA365 On-Premises / 2022.5


ELMA365 On-Premises 2022.5 includes all the ELMA365 SaaS 2022.5 updates, as well as the following changes:

  1. To improve operation under high load we added a horizontal pod autoscaling of microservices in ELMA365. It dynamically changes the number of replicas of each component according to the load, which allows using computing resources in a more efficient manner. A uniform distribution of traffic between microservice replicas and the connectivity are provided by the Service Mesh technology, for which Linkerd is used.

When updating with a Helm package, add the variables supplied with the distribution package to the configuration file. The update for Ubuntu Linux с MicroK8s includes new items in the assistant. Also note that increasing the number of microservice replicas requires proportionally more computing resources in the cluster


  1. It is required to update RabbitMQ to 3.9.15, where working the queues in a cluster works correctly.


  1. It is now possible to upload certificates of a corporate certificate authority in order to connect ELMA365 to the company's resources via the encoded TLS protocol by using the issued certificates.


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