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  1. TEAM-7527 Emails are now combined into threads. A thread is created from emails composed via the Reply button. This way you can switch between old and newer emails without having to use search. The emails in a thread are marked as incoming or outgoing, and also have an attachment indicator. From the preview of a threaded email you can open the email itself, compose a response, mark the email as starred or unread, etc. Note that threads are not available for emails yet. We will add this handling later.


  1. TEAM-8354 We added a pop-up notification about new emails. In the Email section of the user profile we added settings for enabling or disabling new email notifications on mobile and desktop devices. If notifications for mobile devices should be different from those on the computer, the user can select the Change settings for mobile app option and set up their own mode.


  1. TEAM-9100, TEAM-9457 The interface of the Email workspace was adapted for mobile devices. We fixed the workspace menu, the message view, and the window for composing a new message. We also added the Unread message counter. 


Data types

  1. TEAM-1487 A filter can now be applied for settings of User properties.
  2. TEAM-2889 We added filtering of available items in User-type fields with setFilter and clearFilter methods that work in the same way as for App-type fields.
  3. TEAM-253 We added filtering for multiple fields of the App type.


Use case:


The pre-built CRM workspace has the Contacts and Companies apps. The Companies app has the Contacts field with the Many settings enabled. When searching for a company, you can select several contacts. The results will include all the companies where at least one contact matches the list.


External Portal

  1. TEAM-9081 Access rights can now be given an external user who hasn't yet accepted the invitation. When creating solutions for the portal, we noticed that this feature was necessary. Earlier it was impossible to set up permissions or assign tasks until the user accepts the invitation.
    The new version also included a new method in TSSDK Namespace.portal.addUser(portalUserProfile) that creates a user account with the "Not activated" status. This accoutn can be used in scripts and processes like any other user account. The account is activated as soon as the user follows the invite link and confirms their details.



  1. TEAM-8991 Access in contracts is now assigned the same way as in apps. There are two ways to restrict access to a contract: by restricting access to the entire contract or to each item separately.
  2. TEAM-9552 We added a new "Link to parent item" field to contracts. It leads to the original item, and you can work with it like with a regular app field. For example, you can receive data or signatures for the item to which the contract is bound. This new field can also be used in Low-code scripts when implementing widgets, forms and data processing scripts.


Working with digital signatures


  1. TEAM-9330 It is now possible to issue digital signatures and use them to sign documents and app properties. We added two related activities to business process designer: 
  • E-signature request. A user can run a process of obtaining an e-signature. The key to the signature is stored by the provider, with no access given to external users.
  • Wait for e-signature status. This element is required to ensure correct operation of the process where an e-signature is issued.

Working with advanced non-qualified and qualified signatures is done through integration with the Kontur provider.


Reserving document number

  1. It is now possible to reserve numbers for registering documents in categories.



  1. TEAM-4988 The Active users page was added to the Administration workspace. It shows a list of all the users who are currently logged in. This helps track the users and IP addresses, and detect unauthorized sessions. Search by login, email and full name is available.


Data security

  1. TEAM-3457 We adjusted the logic for calculating the total amount by field in Kanban view. The current user's access permissions are now taken into account. The sum is calculated for those items that the user has access to.


Data import

  1. TEAM-8586 When importing large amounts of data, event handlers can now be ignored. This option is available in the import file upload window.


  • a company has created a module that runs a business process every time a new app item is created;
  • hundreds of thousands of new app items have to be imported into the app;
  • if the "Ignore even handler" option is enabled, the process for each new item will not run, reducing the load on the server and event queue.



  1. TEAM-8720 Individual deleted app items can now be restored in the interface and in scripts. For the interface, add the Restore button to the app form.

For scripts, use the following method: ApplicationItem.restore() || ApplicationItemRef.restore().




  1. TEAM-8832 The getUsers() method of the Role type has been improved. It allows obtaining users from a variable of the Role type. For example, if in the context you have a Role variable and a User variable (many), you can write the users from "role" into "users":


for (let i of {
let users = await i.getUsers() =

The getUsers() method always returns up to 10000 items. If you want to work with users across several pages, use the user search object, (



  1. TEAM-9099 We improved checking for overlapping events.
  • When creating an event in the Calendar workspace, the system checks all the Event-type apps for overlaps.
  • When creating an Event app item, the system checks the Calendar workspace for overlaps.


  1. TEAM-9114 In the Tasks workspace you can now save search parameters as a filter. The filters are saved only for the current user.
  2. TEAM-9402 We improved the template for notifications that are sent when new participants are added to a task.
  3. TEAM-8829 Participants and approvers now receive a notification when a task is completed.




  1. TEAM-7371 We added a new feature: "Widget version history"
  • We added the History tab to the widget builder. It shows information about the earlier published versions: number, date, author, comment.
  • When working with a draft on the History tab, you can go back to any of the published versions by clicking the Apply version button.
  • When a widget is published, a pop-up for a comment opens.

Improved user experience


  1. TEAM-8678 Automatic time zone correction according to the device
  2. TEAM-1061 You can now drag-and-drop files to add them to messages. This feature is available for private and group chats, channels, Activity Stream and the Activity Stream widget on app pages. You can add several files at once, they will be uploaded one by one, and you will be able to leave a comment for each of them.
  3. TEAM-2389 We increased the maximum number of symbols for names in the organizational chart.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-6625 We fixed markup for displaying a long name in an Arbitrary app field.
  2. TEAM-7675 The addDate function for dates now works correctly.
  3. TEAM-8001 In modules, we fixed the Business Process Activity. Deleting context variables now works correctly.
  4. TEAM-8328 We fixed how the API method with an empty function body works.
  5. TEAM-8398 We fixed the Delete button in modules.
  6. TEAM-8908 We fixed how fetch works via proxy with internal and external resources.
  7. TEAM-9228 Entering data in a Date/Time field now works correctly.
  8. TEAM-9271 We fixed task search: System.processes._searchTasks().
  9. TEAM-9390 Scripts in methods of a module's API now work correctly.
  10. TEAM-9413 Authentication form on the external portal was improved.
  11. TEAM-9483 We added a new "Unlock user" process for external users.
  12. TEAM-9484 The oAuth settings for the portal are now saved correctly.
  13. TEAM-9563 The Preview button in Portal settings now works correctly.
  14. TEAM-9447 We hid the gear icon on Main page from regular users.
  15. TEAM-8575 Deleting an attached empty file in a File-type field now works correctly.
  16. TEAM-9356 We fixed receiving approval sheets via getApprovalLists()
  17. TEAM-9358 We fixed the activity for editing an app item with contracts. We added processing for files and contracts.
  18. TEAM-9601 We updated TSSDK documentation.
  19. TEAM-9687 When copying a process, a configured form is no longer reset to default.
  20. TEAM-3413 Administrator can no longer access the system with a floating license if all the licenses are occupied.
  21. TEAM-5097 Phone number in a modal window are now displayed correctly.
  22. TEAM-5306 Values of advanced parameters are now displayed correctly.
  23. TEAM-5307 We fixed editing and deleting advanced parameters.
  24. TEAM-5321 We fixed how group participants were displayed.
  25. TEAM-5474 We fixed the Edit button in Administration > User.
  26. TEAM-6447 The address specified in the Response address field of the Email notification activity is not ignored when replying to an email.
  27. TEAM-6573 Fixed the incorrect behavior of property visibility settings on app forms.
  28. TEAM-7138 Fixed the export to xlsx error.
  29. TEAM-7442 Fixed the push notifications from private chats with the Personal events switch enabled.
  30. TEAM-7706 Fixed the interfaces for exporting a solution to ELMA365 Store.
  31. TEAM-8469 Fixed how the task participant is displayed in substitutions.
  32. TEAM-8580 Fixed the phone number on the trial end notification form for the eu domain.
  33. TEAM-8755 Added handling for deleting a pinned filter.
  34. TEAM-8836 Fixed how multiple items are displayed in an App-type field (many).
  35. TEAM-8897 Fixed how a scheduled task is displayed in the calendar.
  36. TEAM-9016 PUT request for changing user settings in an app no longer appears in networking when opening an app.
  37. TEAM-9044 Fixed the Add filter option when working with tables on the Create form of an app item.
  38. TEAM-9058 Sorting in the Associated Tasks widget was fixed.
  39. TEAM-9097 The counter in the calendar now works correctly when setting the final user status.
  40. TEAM-9145 Fixed the behavior of the e-mail field in the table view when opening a drop-down list.
  41. TEAM-9157 The UserItem script that edits a user now works correctly.
  42. TEAM-9247 We fixed the getUsers() method for Role variables.
  43. TEAM-9308 We fixed how fields are displayed in a filtered table for App-type fields.
  44. TEAM-9315 The Status form on the view is now displayed correctly.
  45. TEAM-9334 We fixed how values are displayed in tables for Roles.
  46. TEAM-9335 Fixed search among Role-type properties.
  47. TEAM-9666 We fixed the placeholder for phone number in user invite.
  48. TEAM-9714 The name of an app item in a table is now displayed correctly.
  49. TEAM-5762 We fixed the system behavior when importing data from an .xls or .csv file into a pipeline. If you need to upload leads or deals to a pipeline, use the Data Import feature on the pipeline's page. Once import is completed, all the data will be uploaded to the pipeline.
  50. TEAM-7636 We fixed the system behavior when creating a web form and editing it's name. The custom name now remains without being reset to the default name. If this name already exists, a number is added, for example, Web form, Web form 1, Web form 2.
  51. TEAM-7893 We fixed how the maximum match percentage is calculated in the Duplicates widget on an app item's form.
  52. TEAM-8106 We fixed the logic for exporting solutions that include the CRM system workspace.
  53. TEAM-9059 Forced duplicate search is fixed.
  54. TEAM-9089 We added a handler so that string fields that contain the ____ and %%% symbols are not identified as matches. The system will no longer consider an item that contains these symbols instead of text as a duplicate of another item.
  55. TEAM-9325 We fixed duplicated notifications about a new email, and duplicates in the email list and counter. After repeated import, the previously saved emails are no longer added as new and the counter shows the correct number.
  56. TEAM-4954 There was as issue with comments left under a phone call recording that would disappear from the interface. We fixed it, now the comments remain on the page even if the recording file is not found.
  57. TEAM-9035 For new companies in the CRM workspace we added the Linked emails tab to the Lead and Deal view forms. This was not applied to the existing accounts because the forms for these apps could have already been changed. However, you can add the Linked emails widget to the form if you need to.

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