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Document Management


  1. TEAM-7900 We added the View before option to preset document routes. If the date is specified, the task is added to the user's calendar.
  2. TEAM-9276 You can now copy files and paste them to other folders by using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. The link to the object is copied to clipboard so you can share it with your team mates.
  3. TEAM-9279 We added the Create copy option to a file's context menu. It copies the file to a selected folder. The copy's access settings are the same as of the original file.
  4. TEAM-10459 In the Files workspace, you can now select several files and download them as an archive.
  5. TEAM-10144 We improved the Edit App Item activity. Now, if a contract is specified in the activity's settings, the user task will feature an editing form for the source item.
  6. TEAM-10256 We improved the Contractor form field when sending a document to Diadoc. If the contractor is not specified or cannot be found, the Send button becomes inactive. 


Live Chats


  1. TEAM-8270 You can now specify a working schedule for operators. 
  2. TEAM-10089  ChatDesk Reports were moved to the Live Chats workspace.
  3. TEAM-10460 We changes how information about users is displayed for when users contact ChatDesk from an external channel. The session page shows the user account, profile picture, user name in the external system and a link to the ELMA365 user.
  4. TEAM-10833 We added notification about assigning or reassigning operators. The notifications are sent to all the supervisors and operators of the live chat.




  1. TEAM-9575 New methods were added to TSSDK: getApprovalArchivedLists() and getInformArchivedLists() for getting archived approval sheets and lists of informed users.
  2. TEAM-8447 We added a function to be used in scripts to convert a contract into a source app.
  3. TEAM-10350 We implemented an API for getting user lists. The response is returned as:

"Applications": [
    "app1": {
              "field1": {
                "code": "field"
                "name": "поле"
                "type": "string"
              "field2": {...}
    "app2": {...}

Forms and widgets


  1. TEAM-3789 We improved how app forms are shown on large screens. The 1400px limit for window width was removed. Now the form takes up maximum space minus padding.
  2. TEAM-7347 We added the Undo and Redo controls to the Widget Builder.




  1. TEAM-9583 You can now minimize the list of recipients to save screen space.
  2. TEAM-9606 In the mobile app, viewing an email from a thread has been improved. The new Go to email button closes the thread and opens the selected email separately. Also, we added indicators for received and outgoing messages.
  3. TEAM-8527 We added event handling for when connection to an email added via IMAP is lost. It might happen so that the connection with integrated services is lost, so we added notifications to the Email workspace that are sent to user is case their email gets disconnected. Users will see an alert and instructions on how to restore the connection.
  4. TEAM-9649 Improved UX: when selecting a message from a thread, focus is automatically shifted to the text of the selected email.




  1. TEAM-10189 In the Incoming Payments widget we added an risk indicator, that shows if the amount or the date of the payment may change. Received Payments are hidden by default so that there is enough space for the widget to display all the information.
  2. TEAM-10373 In order to ensure correct operation of the Incoming Payments widget, we restricted the possibility to delete or edit codes of statuses within the Register of incoming payments app that are used in the widget: Pending, Partially paid, Paid and Canceled. However, you can edit status names or add new statuses.
  3. TEAM-10463 In the Incoming Payments widget the administrator can select properties from the Register of incoming payments app that will be displayed in the table columns. The main columns are added to the widget by default. Required fields are now limited for properties such as NamePayment dateAmount: EstimatedAmount: Received and Status. We also enabled sorting by all of these columns.
  4. TEAM-10514 We switched to using the Collector methods. This helps reduce the database workload and prevents exceeding GRPC in GRPC requests.
  5. TEAM-10573 We added a new system directory to the Finances workspace: Responsibility Center. We edited the business processes for processing incoming payments so that the responsibility center can be specified for each payment. This helps filter estimated and received payments by responsibility center.
  6. Not that the responsibility center is taken into account when routing the payment.
  7. TEAM-10599 We improved the Add estimated payment process in the Finances workspace:
  • A new required field was added: Responsibility Center;
  • It is now impossible to save an item in the Purpose of Payment field if the selected app is not specified in the Purpose of Payment Settings;
  • You can now set time in the Payment date field;
  • If the selected Payment date falls on the weekend or a public holiday specified in the Business Calendar, you will see an alert below the Payment date field;
  • If the date in the Payment date field is changed, the time it set to the end of the work day, taking into account short day schedules. If it falls on a weekend or public holiday, the default time the work day ends is set.


  1. TEAM-10617 We improved the Edit incoming payment process in the Finances workspace:
  • User can change the Responsibility Center of the estimated payment;
  • The Purpose of the estimated payment can now be changed if a received payment isn't yet associated with the estimated payment. The Purpose of Payment field is required in this case;
  • When filling out the Purpose of Payment field with an app that is not specified in the Purpose of Payment settings table, the user will not be able to save the changes;
  • Users can now set exact time in the Payment date field;
  • When the selected Payment date = weekend or public holiday specified in the Business Calendar, an alert appears;
  • If the date in the Payment date field is changed, the time it set to the end of the work day, taking into account short day schedules. If it falls on a weekend or public holiday, the default time the work day ends is set;
  • The Cash Flow Item field is now required;
  • A form cannot be saved in the Amount field is less than zero or less than Received Payment.


  1. TEAM-10628 We improved the Payment allocation process in the Finances workspace:
  • The Purpose of Payment must be included in the list of apps specified in the settings of the Finances workspace;
  • The Company field is no longer a required one;
  • When a received payment is created, the Responsibility Center from the associated estimated payment is specified on its page;
  • When selecting a Purpose of Payment:
    • if the specified app item has at least one estimated payment, then, in the Estimated payment field, you can only select the incoming payments associated with the Purpose of Payment;
    • if only one Estimated Payment is associated with the Purpose of Payment, it is automatically added to the Estimated Payment field;
    • if no Estimated Payment is associated with the Purpose of Payment (in the Pending or Partially paid statuses), you can select any item of this app that has the Pending or Partially paid status.
  • When selecting an Estimated Payment:
    • if the Purpose of Payment form field is empty, the Purpose of Payment associated with the Estimated Payment is inserted;
    • if a Company is linked to the Estimated Payment, it is inserted in the Company field;
    • if the Company is not specified in the Estimated Payment, and the Company form field is empty, then the Company linked to the Purpose of Payment is inserted;
    • when selecting an Estimated Payment, the Estimated Payment field remains filled in (we fixed the bug).


Data security


  1. TEAM-35 In AD and LDAP modules the server password on the create and edit page is now hidden behind  asterisks.


License payments


  1. TEAM-4836 We enabled the Stripe payment processing platform for ELMA365 clients.




  1. TEAM-9956 The Update version button in user tasks was hidden from users not included in the Administrators group.



  1. TEAM-10459 In the process editor, the Version history tab now shows the version's number, publication date and process author. Also, you can open the process map and read the comment left by the person who published the version. Any version can be restored as the current draft.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-2034 Document version can be now shown in the name of document-type items. The version field was added to the file collection. In  a template, __file.version is used to get the name.
  2. TEAM-8550 The timer on the process instance page is now displayed correctly.
  3. TEAM-9757 The approval sheets and lists of informed users are now exported to S3, the user receives a link to the file in S3.
  4. TEAM-10484 When adding a new template without closing the modal window the variables are not recalculated. 
    When adding a new app template: an upload of a new file updates the variable list. When editing an existing template: the difference is shown taking into account the original file and not the new one (that was added but not saved).
  5. TEAM-10507 A misprint in approval settings was corrected.
  6. TEAM-10856 We fixed the bug in creating Offices.
  7. TEAM-10873 A signature in a document version no longer disappears when attributes are changed.
  8. TEAM-10885 Solutions are now exported correctly.
  9. TEAM-4689 Administrator can now send a message to the Tech Support chat from the mobile app.
  10. TEAM-9520 Telegram bot is now connected to ChatDesk without errors.
  11. TEAM-10145 We fixed the error that appeared when connecting Telegram to ChatDesk.
  12. TEAM-10279 We hid the counters of the hidden built-in workspaces in the mobile interface.
  13. TEAM-10404 We fixed the operation of the script validation pane in Widget Builder.
  14. TEAM-9869 We fixed the direction of arrows in threads.
  15. TEAM-6044 When importing groups from AD, all the groups available for import are shown.
  16. TEAM-7631 We fixed the item loading error.
  17. TEAM-9508 We fixed how importing apps to the Projects workspace works.
  18. TEAM-10149 The required fields in tables on a user form are no longer ignored.
  19. TEAM-10203 We fixed how table elements are displayed.
  20. TEAM-10336 Packages with an invalid code are no longer imported.
  21. TEAM-10562 A user with the Invited status can now be added to a group via a script.
  22. TEAM-10808 We fixed the error that appeared when trying to open the API section in an app.


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