New releases > ELMA365 SaaS / 2022.7



  1. TEAM-9409 You can now pass the content from the email context to the context of the app that the email is linked to. The Administrator can map the email and app fields in Administration > Link settings. When linking the email with the app item, the recipient can select which fields to fill out from data received in the email.
  2. TEAM-10773 You can now create My folders: additional filters in the Email workspace. All new emails will be automatically distributed between these folders according to filter conditions. After setting up the filters, you can apply them to all the emails that are currently stored in the Inbox.
  3. TEAM-9931 We introduced some changes to composing a message as a reply to another email. When using the Reply button to send an email, the To field is automatically populated with the sender's address and the addresses specified in the Copy field.




  1. TEAM-10372 The Incoming Payments widget was improved: the estimated payments and the associated received payments with the Canceled status are hidden when calculating the total amount of incoming payments.
  2. TEAM-10633 For companies created before the 2022.7 release, the items in the Register of incoming payments app are sorted by the Payment date field by default. If you have activated the Finances workspace for your company, you can change the sorting rules:
  1. Go to the Register of incoming payments app.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select Table settings.
  4. In the Sort field, select Payment date.
  5. Save the settings.
  1. TEAM-10465 In the Incoming Payments widget, you can now filter the items by clicking on the amounts in the top part of the table. You can display the payments without any changes or with possible changes separately. To go back to viewing all the incoming payments, click Estimate: in the top Total incoming payments row.


IP Telephony


TEAM-11017 We improved the integrated IP telephony. Earlier, IT telephony could be connected only to CRM apps: LeadsDealsContacts, and Companies. Now you can connect it to any custom or built-in app. The fields on the pop-up with phone call information can be set up according to the app's context.

We moved the settings from Administration Incoming call processing to the settings page of the IP telephony module.




TEAM-4189 The Meeting and Webinar CRM activities were improved. Now, when they are scheduled, a corresponding event is created in the executor's calendar, and a task is added to their Assisting list. If rescheduled, the time is also changed in the task and in the calendar event.




  1. TEAM-4929 In Administration > Live Chats you can now set up a template for naming new sessions in a live chat.
  2. TEAM-9774 Sessions can now be reassigned between groups of operators within one live chat. For example, a clients sends a message to a live chat where a general group of operators works. After finding out the client's problem, the operators can close the ticket or reassign it to a specialized group of operators. The session distribution logic remains the same.
  3. TEAM-10806 We added additional parameters that are passed on business process start triggered by an event in a session:
  • account details;
  • Contact app if it was linked;
  • Linked requests apps if there were linked;
  • messages from the session. Only the last message with an attachment is sent, the rest can be added via a TS SDK method.
  1. TEAM-11067 We added a new counter for the supervisor to show the number of sessions in distribution queue.
  2. TEAM-5573 You can now add variables to existing app items in the Response templates app. When using a template, the following session fields are filled out:
  • Client's name (from an external or internal messenger if using a 365 channel)
  • Session creation date;
  • Live chat name;
  • Channel name;
  • Group name (for group chats);
  • Email subject (if the request was received via an email connected to the live chat).



  1. TEAM-11114 We added a new folder to files: Projects. When a project is created, a corresponding folder is created as well. Access permissions are inherited from the project. We added a widget that allows displaying this folder and work with its files on the project page.


Widget builder


  1. TEAM-7764 The File preview widget can now display files received from an app field. Here is how this works: let's say there is Contract field of the App (Document) type and a form with the File preview widget. The Contract can be sent to the form as Contract > File.
  2. TEAM-11009 A button's title can be set up via a variable from the widget's context. To bind it with the context field, click on the paperclip icon in the widget's settings.
  3. TEAM-5834 You can set up a widget's visibility depending on the user's role:
  • In the widget settings dialogue box on the System tab, the Hide field has been replaced with Visibility.
  • Possible options for the field are: Always show, Show on condition, Hide on condition, Show for groups, Always hide.
  • When selecting Show on condition, Hide on condition you need to specify a field from the context.
  • When selecting Show for groups you can specify one or several user groups. The widget will be shown to a user who belong to at least one of the groups.
  1. TEAM-1893 We added the Settings tab in the Widget Builder. Here you can specify the methods that are executed during the widget's life-cycle: initialization (the default function is onInit), displaying (the default is canRender), validation (no default function). Also, we implemented user validation of app forms by using validation functions from scripts. A widget now shows validation errors in the top part of a form. The errors are shown for both the entire form and separate fields.


  1. TEAM-1996 The Code widget can now display your custom widgets:
  • For a better user experience, we added the Add widget control to the editor of the Code widget. It shows available custom widgets as well as several system ones (Tabs, Drop-down menu, Pop-up, Panel with header).
  • The set of available widgets displayed in this dialogue box depends on the options selected in the window shown after clicking the Settings button. By default, the only widgets available are the ones that belong to either the same level of hierarchy as the widget being edited or to a lower level. That is, for a widget created in a workspace, the available widgets are those created in the same workspace or in the apps of this workspace.

Example of code for displaying a custom widget:

<%= UI.widget.render('@custom_widget', {title:, notes: "Note"}) %>


  1. TEAM-10878 Documents signed with an e-signature can now be sent for information to other users.
  2. TEAM-11012 We added a new block of activities to the business process designer for issuing an advanced non-qualified e-signature. These activities operate through providers that allow issuing an advanced non-qualified e-signature. At the moment it is Sign.Me, and we are planning to add Kontour in the future.


Improved user experience

  1. TEAM-8786 An additional phone number can be added to the user's page.
  2. TEAM-10320 Filtering by the Arbitrary app field is now available.
  3. TEAM-10569 We added tooltips to calendar events to display the event's complete name.
  4. TEAM-10809 The color indicator on the Kanban board now matches the indicators in Tasks.
  5. TEAM-10016 On the administration page of the Diadoc module, the password is now hidden behind asterisk when editing the account.
  6. TEAM-10050 When deleting sources linked to a contract, together with the source its items from the Source settings are deleted.
  7. TEAM-5865  Earlier, the Hide if the field is empty was available only in the standard property settings. Now it is also available when working with properties in the interface designer.
  8. TEAM-9840 We improved working with emails: if there are links attached to the email, you can open them right from the message.
  9. TEAM-11186 When connecting an email to ELMA365, the statuses of the emails remain the same as they were on the mail server. In the earlier releases, the messages were always imported as unread and non starred.
  10.  TEAM-11199 We improved the duplicate detection logic. Even if the user doesn't have access to view an app item that was detected as a match, the user is still informed about the found duplicate.
  11.  TEAM-111 We added automatic reservation of numbers when creating and registering a Document-type app item.
  12.  TEAM-7397 In Administration > Process Monitor you can now see the complete path to the business process including the workspace and app to which it belongs.
  13.  TEAM-9445 We added a check of the settings structure when importing a solution, workspace, or app.
  14.  TEAM-10131 The template in widget builder now shows the complete path to the selected element. Also, a gear icon is displayed that allows selecting nested elements. Earlier, only one level was displayed, now the entire hierarchy is shown.
  15.  TEAM-10521 We switched to using stream Collector methods in billing.
  16.  TEAM-11544 In business process activities with a dynamic binding you can now specify an App (many) as an output variable an return an array of values.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-10797 You can no longer specify a negative number of floating licenses in Administration.
  2. TEAM-1905 When interrupting the informing process due to overdue the correct status is now set.
  3. TEAM-5341 Tasks can no longer be assigned to a locked user.
  4. TEAM-8313 The Item field in the Folder navigation widget is now required.
  5. TEAM-9688 Previously, when changing the status of an app item, an error occurred if the item's name was created from a template and the status field was used in it. Bug fixed.
  6. TEAM-9879 We fixed the error that occurred when comparing tables in the Generate Document block.
  7. TEAM-10502 Scripts of inactive companies no longer compile and run.
  8. TEAM-10831 API methods in a module of an inactive company now return 403 Forbidden, the method's script doesn't run.
  9. TEAM-9199 We fixed how an arbitrary app is displayed.
  10. TEAM-10352 Libraries in widget files now work correctly.
  11. TEAM-10624 The execution of a server function on a form is fixed.
  12. TEAM-10634 Money-type properties now receive data correctly.
  13. TEAM-10819 It is now possible to display widget fields with different Read Only settings.
  14. TEAM-11059 Navigation on portal pages is hidden for mobile devices.
  15. TEAM-9844 Previously, if the pipeline visibility was configured for multiple user groups, and the same user was a member of several of these groups, then the pipelines in the list were duplicated. The error has now been fixed.
  16. TEAM-7981 Fixed sending requests to MongoDB.
  17. TEAM-8297 Fixed automatic user import from Active Directory.
  18. TEAM-8936 An error is now returned when sending an email if the email is suspicious or looks like spam.
  19. TEAM-8949 We made improvements so that general capabilities of threaded emails became available for inboxes.
  20. TEAM-8297 Improved system behavior. Users deleted from the Active Directory service are now given the Locked status.
  21. TEAM-9437 The app creation form displays created values ​​in App-type fields.
  22. TEAM-9488 Fixed the next/previous transition when clicking navigation buttons in the Email workspace.
  23. TEAM-9901 Fixed exporting solutions to ELMA365 Store. Only users who belong to the Administrators group can upload solutions.
  24. TEAM-10117 Bug fixed: password recovery email ignores the configured template.
  25. TEAM-10125 Fixed the alert about an empty name in the Create app item element in the business process designer.
  26. TEAM-10178 Fixed handling of filtering events in has and link.
  27. TEAM-10291 A complex task form with many nested app items now takes ~5-7 seconds to load instead of ~73.
  28. TEAM-10311 Fixed how TSSDK scripts are generated and added escaping of special characters.
  29. TEAM-10386 Fixed how an attached image is displayed when creating or forwarding an email.
  30. TEAM-10503 For inactive companies, event handlers in modules are not executed.
  31. TEAM-10528 Fixed a bug with displaying the Toolbar extension zone widget on the task page.
  32. TEAM-10531 The request for getting a list of apps (GET /api/apps) is now executed ~50% faster due to asynchronously writing data to cache, which is executed inside the /api/apps request.
  33. TEAM-10534 In the Administrators group, the __updateBy field will store the user who last edited the group.
  34. TEAM-10539 Selected org chart items are now displayed in several lines.
  35. TEAM-10598 Data set up in a script is now correctly displayed in an arbitrary app.
  36.  TEAM-10706 Now all files from an email can be downloaded as an archive even when apart from attachments there are files (images) inserted into the body of the message.
  37. TEAM-10754 Internal error of import from Active Directory is fixed: repeated import.
  38. TEAM-10807 We fixed creating an item from a business process when the value of the Arbitrary app field is filled in.
  39. TEAM-10821 Timers do not go off for inactive companies, and there is no possibility to set new ones, and previously created timers are not restored. When the company is activated, the work of the timers resumes.
  40. TEAM-10828 Added verification of the certificate saving string and soft error handling. It handles certificate saving errors.
  41. TEAM-10951 Improved generation from template. You can use a for loop after a column break. This requires that there be an empty paragraph after for.
  42. TEAM-11042 We fixed how images added via drag'n'drop into an email body are displayed. On the recipient's side, the images in the body of the message are displayed correctly.
  43. TEAM-11113 Added currency translations for the Russian language.
  44. TEAM-11157 We fixed the error that appeared when enabling the Diadoc module and saving the settings. We added a check for filtering certain form fields.
  45. TEAM-11212 We fixed the not found error in process instances that appeared when attempting to provide access to an app or a file in a task with automatic access permission enabled.
  46. TEAM-11259 Web API methods of inactive companies now return "402 Payment Required".
  47. TEAM-11305 We fixed the error that appeared when updating from 2021.12.18 to 2022.5.7.
  48. TEAM-11410 When creating a solution, an attribute can be added for paid solutions.
  49. TEAM-11460 We fixed importing a workspace with an uploaded logo and portal login page background.
  50. TEAM-11507 When the Message history widget configured for the account is displayed, sessions are found not only by the content of the selected field, but also by the values ​​of the Email-type fields, i.e. the sessions are displayed including the ones where messages were sent from addresses specified in Email-type fields.
  51. TEAM-11598 In some message types, in event handlers the data field would receive binary data instead of JSON objects. Fixed. 
  52. TEAM-11879 We fixed the method of error handling in import.

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