New releases > ELMA365 SaaS / 2022.9



  1. TEAM-4092 We added deadline reminders for tasks. You can enable them as a default option in the user profile. Also, reminders can be created via the Reminders widget: open the task, add a reminder, specify the date and time. All the reminder notifications are displayed in the user's #Activity Stream.
  2. TEAM-8409 Now the updated app item statuses on the kanban board do not require to refresh the page.


Live Chats

  1. TEAM-5163 A new ChatDesk group was added to the list of widgets. New widgets added to this group are Session List and Operators.
  2. TEAM-8402 We added a link to Help articles about messengers to Administration > Live Chats.
  3. TEAM-12499 We added the Session List page to the Live Chats workspace.
  4. TEAM-12731 If you have a paid ChatDesk solution, you can now connect any messenger to your live chats.


Deal Dynamics report

  1. TEAM-12057 You can now add fields from the app context to your Deal Dynamics report as filters. To be added, these fields have to be marked as Search and Sort in form settings. Such filters allows viewing the dynamic changes of your deals by the designated employee, delivery type, product, etc.


External Portal

  1. TEAM-7978 We added the 404 page for the portal. If a user opens a web page that does not exist in the portal's configuration, the "page not found" message is shown.
  2. TEAM-7719 Portals can now be licensed separately in paid business solutions. Each portal can be licensed on its own but only as part of the solution that it belongs to. In the portal license you can specify if it can be used with the standard platform license or requires a separate portal license, either a named or a floating one. Hybrid licensing for portals is not allowed.



  1. TEAM-5422 Widgets and forms can be reused on create/edit/view forms. We added the Form type service field of the Category type to app forms. This field automatically saved the type of form that is being displayed at the moment. Depending on the value, the design of the form can be changed according to the view type (create, view or edit form).

Code example:

async function onInit(): Promise<void> { = === 'create'; = === 'edit'; = === 'view';

  1. TEAM-11196 In the Chart widget you can now select a color theme for the chart.
  1. TEAM-11197 In the Chart widget you can now set a size of the displayed chart.



  1. TEAM-10989 We added the Expand and Hide options for parent tasks on the Project Plan tab.
  2. TEAM-11029 Task progress is now displayed on the Gantt chart. When it reached 100%, the Done label appears on the chart.
  3. TEAM-10983 We changed the label on the button for completing a project task to Done.



  1. TEAM-12664 You can now add directories from built-in workspaces as sources for a contract.



  1. TEAM-5149 We added methods for working with file directories in scripts:


  • Crete new directorycreate(name: string, parentId: string): Promise<DirectoryItem>
  • Delete directory by IDdelete(directoryId: string): Promise<number>
  • Get all child directoriesgetChildrens(directoryId: string): Promise<DirectoryItem[]>
  • Get folders from the top-level directorygetDirs(directoryId: string): Promise<DirectoryItem[]>
  • Get files form a directorygetFiles(directoryId: string): Promise<FileItem[]>
  • Get parent directoriesgetParents(directoryId: string): Promise<DirectoryItem[]>
  • Search in directories stored on the disksearch(): DirectoriesSearch
  1. TEAM-11827 We added the getSerial(): Promise<SerialData> method that allows getting the counter of the first category specified in document registration settings. In the example given below we use the method to get the counter of the first category. To get it, we need the app item which, in this script, is stored in the context.

const settings = await Application.getSettings();
const nomenclatures = await settings.registrationSettings.getNomenclatures();
const nom = nomenclatures[0];
const serial = await nom.getSerial();

  1. TEAM-11863 We implemented a method that changes the status of an approval sheet from archived to active.

unarchiveApprovalList(listId: string): Promise<void>
// Activate all the archived approval sheets
const item = await;
const approvalLists = await item.docflow().getApprovalArchivedLists();
approvalLists.forEach(list => item.docflow().unarchiveApprovalList(list.__id))

  1. TEAM-12386 You can now get a tree of directories inside an app.

Example: = “” const curDirs = await Application.getDirectiories(null,2); curDirs.forEach(dir => { =" _ “ if (dir.children) { dir.children.forEach(dirChild => { =” _ " }) } });

Improved user experience

  1. TEAM-12004 User accounts are now displayed on the user profile and in the pop-over that appears when you click on a user's name.
  2. TEAM-12142 We numbered the pages in Document Categorization. Data is loaded automatically when you scroll 20 items down.
  3. TEAM-11902 CRM activities are labeled as overdue after the event's date and time.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-2660 Previously, the session chat in a live chat would sometimes show the start of the conversation and not the end. Fixed.
  2. TEAM-3271 We fixed the error that appeared when clicking Show all in live chat search.
  3. TEAM-8422 We improved the design of messages in sessions.
  4. TEAM-11799 Formatting is saved when copying a response template/article form the knowledge base.
  5. TEAM-12095 We fixed how messages are displayed when coming from WhatsApp.
  6. TEAM-10739 We fixed how the text of the error about an invalid email address is displayed when composing an email.
  7. TEAM-12001 We fixed the error in creating a goal in Alytics.
  8. TEAM-12415 The bug that caused several contacts to be created during a call in Zadarma is fixed.
  9. TEAM-8269 We fixed event handlers.
  10. TEAM-12607 We fixed the error in the getProcessInstance()  method.
  11. TEAM-12449 The input mask in a table row is no longer ignored.
  12. TEAM-12519 The gear icon for navigating widgets was only visible on hover. We replaced it with a black arrow pointing right.
  13. TEAM-12605 Validation now works correctly when creating variables with the same code.
  14. TEAM-5269 We fixed the error that wouldn't allow exporting and printing out the org chart as .png or .pdf.
  15. TEAM-5640 When a node is deleted, it's information is deleted from Administration.
  16. TEAM-10405 Activity stream in a task or app item now loads faster.
  17. TEAM-10653 We fixed importing data from a file created in the Files workspace.
  18. TEAM-11810 A token now becomes inactive right after the user is locked.
  19. TEAM-12525 In the auth service, the substitute method now returns substitutions correctly.
  20. TEAM-12665 The Time zone window now changes correctly.
  21. TEAM-12891 We fixed the control of the App type in tables.
  22. TEAM-11717 We fixed the Leave only actual participants option. Now, when an approval task is reassigned to the same person more than once, he or she will receive N tasks but will be included in the approval sheet only once. All the tasks of this sheets are closed after the first approval or rejection. If the person has already approved the sheet, but was assigned the task again, he or she will still receive a task, and the old status will be replaced with the new decision.
  23. TEAM-10985 The Upload and preview file widget didn't show all the pages of pdf files.
  24. TEAM-11558 File properties didn't open in the mobile version.
  25. TEAM-11595 We fixed the "Unable to change context variable value" error in the Assign Value business process element.
  26. TEAM-11612 Tabs in the Email Notification block would only open after clicked twice.
  27. TEAM-8385 We fixed the < (less) and > (more) operators in generating documents from templates.
  28. TEAM-10680 After editing a file in the View and edit in only office widget, the unedited file would be sent to the Edit App Item activity. This issue is now fixed.
  29. TEAM-11972 Users with the View/Load permissions only would see the +File button. Fixed.
  30. TEAM-12094 We fixed the error in detecting incoming phone numbers in Mango telephony.
  31. TEAM-12362 We fixed the getPermissions() method for files.
  32. TEAM-12374 We fixed the error in getting informed about a signature. Now, if the user enters an invalid password, the task is not canceled.
  33. TEAM-12495 We fixed the search in hierarchical folders if the Add filter parameter is set up.
  34. TEAM-9481 We fixed the bug that caused duplicates in linked emails in case the link was created by several recipients of the same email.
  35. TEAM-12451 User folders in the Email workspace are now deleted right away.
  36. TEAM-12725 We fixed the error in requests to the Contacts app from the sign in page.
  37. TEAM-12745 We fixed the error in passing Contract fields from source apps.

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