New releases > ELMA365 On-Premises / 2023.1


ELMA365 On-Premises 2023.1 includes all the ELMA365 SaaS 2023.1 updates, as well as the following changes:

  1. The delivery of ELMA365 in the form of Helm packages has been updated. The packages are distributed via the Helm repository (chart museum), eliminating the need to download the archive through a link. There's an option to install directly from the updated repository specifying the file that describes the parameters of the ELMA365 instance being installed or updated.
  2. In addition to the repository, we have compiled the provided packages - elma365, elma365-dbs, elma365-addons - into one large stack named elma365-stack for convenient installation. Backward compatibility with individual components of the stack is maintained. For more details, refer to the guide at -
  3. The ELMA365 delivery now includes a dynamic Kyverno controller. It's used for loading corporate certificate authority (CA) certificates into ELMA365. This allows connections to corporate services to be made over an encrypted TLS channel.
  4. Added the capability to install the Audit module in a closed-loop.

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