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1. TEAM-15192 We updated the design of filter settings components in the Alytics integration module.


2. TEAM-18663 We updated the interface of the Top deals widget


3. TEAM-18842 We added a new widget to the Goals tab in the Incoming Payments workspace: Distribute sales goals. This widget helps schedule goals for the company, sales team or employee from a single interface. Items in the Sales Goals app are created automatically.


4. TEAM-18908 We marked some widgets as deprecated and not recommended for use.


5. TEAM-19313 We added a new Description field to the form of CRM activities. It allows setting a more precise objective for a phone call, meeting or other CRM activity.


6. TEAM-19314 We added a new Priority field to the forms of both regular tasks and CRM tasks. When creating a task, the user can enter any number in the field. It can be then used to sort tasks from highest number to lowest or vice-versa. Search by this field is also available.


7. TEAM-19352 In the Marketing workspace you can now rename columns on the Subscribers page. If you rename a field in contacts, the field in the Subscribers table will also change. Also, you can hide columns of the table in app settings.


8. TEAM-19613 We added new fields to system events (calendar): Place and External participants. The External participants field references the contacts directory. In the upcoming release, we will implement sending meeting invites to external participants in emails as an ICS file.


9. TEAM-19618 Data from a report can be exported according to a selected template by applying filters on the report page. The report page builder now has a new option: Document templates. When adding a column in source settings, a new field is now available: Column code (used for the report in the template) with auto-completion and validation. The column's code is displayed in the source setting table. Also, we added the Export to file button to the report page, it is displayed when clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the page.



Document management


1. TEAM-7451 We improved how reserved numbers are displayed. If there is only one available registration office, the reserved number is displayed immediately. The information about the reserved number, registration, document categorization is shown on request, when clicking on an item.


2. TEAM-17081 We improved how transitions work in the Approval activity in case of an error. You can now select a condition for this transition, for example Approval sheet is archived. If you set up the transition, the process will not be interrupted in case there were any modifications in the watched attributes and the approval sheet was archived. Instead, the process flow will take this transition and continue. If the transition is not set up, the process will be interrupted, as before.


3. TEAM-19068 We improved the Р7-Office module. Now it ignores the case in file extensions so you can view office documents with extensions in uppercase in OnlyOffice.


4. TEAM-9284 Icons are now selected automatically according to the type of the file. Also, we added new icons for PDF files and images that are different form the standard default icons.


5. TEAM-10051 If only one source is added to a contract, it is now automatically marked as the default source.





1. TEAM-19356 Improved functionality: manage access in a hierarchical folder.

We made changes in  and added two new methods:

  • getPermissions: helps get all the available permissions for the specified folders in a hierarchical folder.
  • setPermissions: helps set permissions for the specified folders in a hierarchical folder.


2. TEAM-19015 An operator's status can now be changed via a client or server script.

  • LinesCollection: System.lines.setOperatorStatus(user, status), where user is the object of user UserItemRef, and the status is the enumeration of operator statuses OperatorStatusType. The method does not return anything.
  • System.lines.getOperatorStatus(user), where user is the object of user UserItemRef. The method returns one value from the operator status enumeration OperatorStatusType.

3. TEAM-19140 We added an SDK method for checking a client in a session for lock attributes.

LineClientItemRef: client.getBlockedStatus()where client  is the object of client  LineClientItemRefThe method returns one value from enumeration  LineClientBlockedStatus.





1. TEAM-19251 We updated the Web API so that you can get access settings for a workspace and an app. Now, in responses to requests /scheme/namespaces/{ns}/apps/{app} and /scheme/namespaces/{ns} [ВЕ1] you will find new fields: accessType and permissions that contain information about access permissions for the workspace or app.


2. TEAM-19264 We improved the Web API functionality for getting parameters and their values for the workspace and app entities. Now, in responses to requests / scheme/namespaces/{ns}/apps/{app} and /scheme/namespaces/{ns} you will find a new field params that contains the description of additional parameters. We also added the new view field to the fields field.


3. TEAM-19291 We improved Web API by adding the possibility to get metadata description (schema) of your solution.

We added /pub/v1/scheme/solutions for getting information about installed solutions.



Event tracking


TEAM-3248 For a more precise event tracking in apps, we added a new filtering function for apps in the event handling modules. This helps reduce the load on the scripts if you only need to track certain apps.

When selecting the domain for App items events you can now use the Object type filter. It allows selecting the type of the app that event handling will run for. In the handling script, will obtain a strong typing of the selected app.

Events are filtered by namespace + code. If the event domain is changed, the additional filter is reset.

During export, the list of apps is checked for the app specified in the filter. If there is no such app, an error appears.





1. TEAM-18435 Conversation in the LiveChat widget is now saved to a log.


2. TEAM-18437 UTM tags are now collected when a session is created.


3. TEAM-18833 The status of operators and supervisors can now be viewed. This information is available in a pop-up that appears when you hover over a user's name or surname.





1. TEAM-3386 We added access restrictions for tasks and process instances. Access can now be managed in Administration >  Access Permissions (available on request). There can be common or individual access permissions. On the Access Permissions page in a browser you can manage these settings and save them to apply the changes. In the Associated tasks widget you can now view the details of a task or instance (with corresponding access permissions).


2. TEAM-13444 We added access permissions for process instances that depend on the user's role and app's access settings:

  • Permissions to interrupt a process have been limited, only administrators and users with the rights to manage the process can do it.
  • Users without the process management rights cannot view the process instance history.
  • Managing access to process instances can be enabled on request.





TEAM-6485 There are now more branding option in ELMA365. You can:


  • add your company's logo to the list of worksapces, use it as a favicon and the page loading logo, etc.;
  • change the interface color theme to fit your company's colors;
  • change the interface font.





TEAM-19033 Project participants now automatically get access to folders with the project's files in the Files workspace.

If hidden folders are required, the project manager can set access to these folders with standard options of the system. This makes managing access to project files and folders more flexible, and provides transparency and security .



Email settings


TEAM-17628 We added the Default reply address option to email system settings. You can now specify an address that will be used to send replies when processing such activities as Email Notification. If the field with this address is filled out, it will be used by default, helping make communications easier.





TEAM-4008 We added new notification mechanics for notifying users about no available floating licenses: when trying to sign in, the user sees a notification if there are no free floating licenses at the moment.




TEAM-18083 We added user search by role or group:

  • in Administration > Users.
  • in fields User, Role.
  • when selecting group participants and assigning groups during import of workspaces and solutions.




1. TEAM-18086 You can now additionally set up search for app items in App-type fields. When selecting an item, the user can specify a certain property to narrow the results.


2. TEAM-18298 We added a control for restricting access to an app item when mentioning a user in the associated activity stream. Now, a user can grant access to an app item by mentioning another user only if they themselves have rights to grant such access.


3. TEAM-18793 We added reactions and the Favorites option to associated activity stream.


4. TEAM-18992 In the Object field of the Object activity stream widget, you can now select an Arbitrary app filed from the current context. The activity stream will show messages of the items elected in this field.

If you select an Arbitrary app field of the Many type, the widget will show messages from all the app items.


Bugs fixed


1. TEAM-16210 We fixed the sorting of registration numbers.


2. TEAM-17049 We fixed the issue with certain file names not being uploaded. We added processing of symbols ( [ ) ] { } " in file names.

3. TEAM-17114 We fixed file upload via REST API that didn't work for file names with parenthesis with different encoding standards. We added escaping of special characters for file names for API uploads.


4. TEAM-17482 We improved how files with a large number of versions open.

Modal windows are now dynamic, their functionality was moved to separate components. Also, file versions can now be loaded page by page when scrolling.


5. TEAM-17606 We fixed the markup in the advanced search window in hierarchical folders.


6. TEAM-17805 We fixed the error in calling the getFolder() method for an item of a hierarchical folder that doesn't belong to any other folder except for All items.

Now the method returns undefined() for such items.

7. TEAM-17911 The Compare with Version button is now displayed only for .docx files.


8. TEAM-18128 We fixed how filtering works in a document categorization folder after advanced search.


9. TEAM-18155 We  fixed the dependency in the advanced search files that appeared if searching immediately after adding a file.


10. TEAM-18253 We fixed the error that appeared when opening a file that has more than one version.


11. TEAM-18483 Statuses in Diadoc now change correctly even custom statuses are set up.


12. TEAM-18720 We fixed the behavior of the confirmation window: when clicking Cancel, the tab doesn't switch.


13. TEAM-19147 The extension widget for file preview now works correctly.


14. TEAM-19168 We fixed how the Folder navigation widget opens on the form of an app with activated folder hierarchy when pressing Enter. The pencil can now be used not only by clicking the mouse button but with other methods too.


15. TEAM-19422 We fixed the issue that wouldn't let app items to be created after release 2023.4.4.


16. TEAM-19436 Now one source variable is correctly assigned to different fields of the contract.


17. TEAM-19454 We fixed the error with moving an app item to a folder if there are access restrictions configured for folders.


18. TEAM-19579 The Incline function now works correctly in loops.


19. TEAM-20129 Tasks reassigned within a substitution now open correctly.


20. TEAM-8525 We fixed the error that caused empty sessions to be created.


21.TEAM-15610 We fixed the error that didn't allow a process to start from a script when using the run method.


22. TEAM-16064 We fixed the error with updating solutions that appeared on the process update step. Now it is no longer required to move processes from folders, and solutions can be updated.


23. TEAM-18095 We fixed the issue with changing the period in the Lead conversion section of the Dashboard page.


24. TEAM-19069 We fixed operation of the exclusive gateway that produced an error.


25. TEAM-19094 We fixed the issue that didn't show tasks assigned by the user in the mobile app. Now the tasks are displayed correctly.


26. TEAM-19644 We fixed the errors in the Assigned to and Status properties in reports.


27. TEAM-15380 User search can now be done with phone number and the eq operator. Example:

const user = await => f.mobilePhone.eq(phone)).first();


28. TEAM-17255 We fixed the issue with the getSpecialDays method. Now when determining the search range for exception days, the difference between timezones of the company and the user is taken into account. If the timezone of the user is 8 hours ahead of the company's timezone, the range will be modified so that the the user's date matches the company's date.


29. TEAM-18138 We fixed the status errors during import of external users.


30. TEAM-18702 We fixed the issue with using OAuth to sign into the external portal from the mobile or desktop app.


31. TEAM-19435 We fixed the errors in the sign extension zone widget.


32. TEAM-19500 To-do lists are now correctly displayed in Administration.


33. TEAM-19961 We fixed the issue with metrics not being deleted when performance report settings are changed.


34. TEAM-18504 We fixed how user validation errors are displayed for Table-type properties on forms.


35. TEAM-18338 Now, when a project plan is published, the related tasks are created correctly.


36. TEAM-19516 We fixed the error that appeared when opening the project plan.


37. TEAM-19929 We fixed the error that appeared when opening a project plan item for viewing.


38. TEAM-6743 We fixed search in My Department .


39. TEAM-8495 Previously, importing a large number of users from AD would cause problems. To solve it, we implemented import task queue and automatic import of users, which allows avoiding any overlaps and resolves the errors.


40. TEAM-10879 We improved how search results in the Company workspace are displayed.


41. TEAM-16136 We fixed the incorrect operation of the function for pasting an image via Ctrl+V or the context menu Paste option.


42. TEAM-18782 We fixed the data import processing including markdown links in the markdown string field.


43. TEAM-18907 We restored sorting by creation date in exported XLSX files.


44. TEAM-18994 We fixed the issue that didn't allow reassigning the supervisor's role from one user to another.


45. TEAM-19019 When importing or updating users from AD/LDAP empty attributes specified in the AD module settings can now be omitted. For example, if the Mobile phone field is left empty in the AD module setting, when re-importing or updating users, this attribute will remain unchanged.


46. TEAM-19171 Substitutions are now correctly shown in Company > Absence Schedule.


47. TEAM-19437 When using OAuth2 with the automatic sign-up function (auto_signup) enabled, an internal system user is now created when the person attempts to sign in to the portal.


48. TEAM-19547 We fixed the issue with locking not working after solution update.


49. TEAM-19781 Email connection errors are fixed.


50. TEAM-19930 We fixed the error that didn't allow deleting deals.

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