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  1. TEAM-15589: In emails received in a live chat, tables added to the message are now supported.
  2. TEAM-20572: In emails sent to a live chat, inline images are now displayed.
  3. TEAM-18819: You can now log in to LiveChat using credentials from your personal account in the external portal. If a client is already authenticated in their portal's personal account, they will also be logged into the LiveChat service.
  4. TEAM-15354: We've introduced the ability to customize the session information block on its page within the Live Chats workspace.
    You can open the side panel on the session page in the interface designer, allowing you to add properties and additional custom and system widgets. For example, you can include widgets like Associated tasks and Object activity stream to enable users to create tasks related to a specific session and engage in the conversation.
  5. TEAM-19102: All data on the side panel of the session page is now displayed in separate widgets. This enables you to arrange session information independently by opening the panel in the interface designer.




  1. TEAM-12338: We've implemented the ability to work with planned, actual, and estimated dates in project calendar planning. Planned dates are set by users when adding tasks on the Gantt chart. Actual dates are automatically assigned upon task completion. Estimated dates initially match planned dates but can be updated on the Gantt chart while editing the plan or on a separate task-request form assigned to performers. You can display all these dates in the plan, compare them, and estimate approximate completion times for individual tasks and the entire project.
  2. TEAM-17153: We've added the capability to monitor the execution of project tasks. Users can now enable an additional task control option when creating a project plan item. You can send project managers notifications when tasks are closed or assign tasks for monitoring the results of completed work.
  3. TEAM-17380: To enhance the user experience on the Project tasks app page, we've removed the button for creating new items.


Document management

  1. TEAM-18488: You can now reassign a document signing task initiated during a business process. To enable this, you need to activate the corresponding option in the Sign activity settings while modeling the process.
  2. TEAM-19063: When generating a document from a template, you can now display the code of a Category-type property. To do this, use the code value in the syntax.
  3. TEAM-20237: We've improved the option for printing with a watermark for App-type applications. You can now add multiple watermarks to a document and print files.


  1. TEAM-20110: When adding a sales team in the CRM workspace, a system group linked to it is now automatically created. This is necessary, for instance, for configuring access rights for specific sales teams.
  2. TEAM-20135: When creating a CRM activity, you can now enable the notification feature for upcoming events to be sent via email to internal and external activity participants, such as webinar notifications.



  1. TEAM-16863: Handling document templates included in solution components has been improved. Now, when updating a solution, modified templates are not replaced with the original ones.
  2. TEAM-18140: Soft solution updates have been implemented. Now, within a solution, you can update only components that don't have conflicts. During a soft update:
  • Components without conflicts are updated.
  • Components without references to structures with conflicts are updated.
  • New components are added if they have no references to structures with conflicts.
  1. TEAM-19187: An Administration > Solution Management page has been added, allowing administrators to create and upload solutions, view their list, update them, mark them as paid, add descriptions, and more.





TEAM-18355: A link to the quoted message has been added. When clicking on a quote, the user will see the message sent in the chat.



  1. TEAM-18511: Configuration of email notifications for upcoming events has been implemented. Administrators can globally enable notifications for all employees. Each user can set individual notification settings.
  2. TEAM-18912: Automatic refreshing of events in the calendar has been introduced. Now, event participants can track additions, changes, and deletions in the calendar.


Administrative Monitoring

TEAM-19949: The ability to view system performance diagnostics has been added to the performance report. The report aggregates data on the execution time of external and internal web requests and server script requests. In ELMA365 On-Premises, statistics on SQL queries are also available. The report is exported in .xlsx format, and periodic report saving can be configured.


Developer Tools


TEAM-20555: The ability to view diagnostics of components developed within the system, such as pages, application forms, or widgets, has been added. On the Administration > Developer Tools page, access to data on events and actions that occur when widgets are executed can be configured for specific employees. This report will facilitate testing and analyzing the functionality of widgets on forms and pages, helping to identify any occurring errors.


External Portal


TEAM-15024: The ability to automatically create an external user upon portal authentication via OAuth2 third-party services has been implemented. Now, users can log into the portal through an external service, and if licenses are available, they will be automatically registered as external users without the need for prior invitations.


Web API and TS SDK


  1. TEAM-9008: Web API methods for working with folders in the file storage have been added:
  • Retrieve a folder by its identifier:

GET /pub/v1/disk/directory/{id}

  • Retrieve a list of folders with filtering options:

GET /pub/v1/disk/directory/list
POST /pub/v1/disk/directory/list

  1. TEAM-20063: A method to retrieve a list of modules has been added to Web API:

GET /pub/v1/scheme/modules: Get a list of schemes for installed user modules.
GET /pub/v1/scheme/modules/{id}: Get the scheme of a user module by its identifier.

  1. TEAM-16497: Search for an electronic signature certificate using a script has been added.

Example script:
declare const console: any;
async function getDigitalSigns(): Promise<void> {
  let ds = await"__createdAt", false).all();

  1. TEAM-17356: A method for converting .xls, .xlsx, and .csv files to .json has been added.
  2. TEAM-1933: The ability to restrict the range of valid input values for properties of type Number and Money has been added.

// (Value must be greater than or equal to -3) => number.gte(-3))
// (Inclusive range from 0 to 10), global) => global.and(number.gte(0), number.lte(10)))
// (Inclusive range from 10 to 100, excluding 66)
const price_1 = new Money(10, 'USD');
const price_2 = new Money(100, 'USD');
const price_3 = new Money(66, 'USD');, g) => g.and(f.gte(price_1),, f.neq(price_3)));

  1. TEAM-19738: Retrieving signed attributes of an app item using TS SDK methods has been implemented.

Example of code for obtaining the first signature with attributes:
declare const console: any;
async function getDigitalSigns(): Promise<void> {
  let ds = await"__createdAt", false).first();
  let bytesString = Uint8Array.from(atob(ds?.data.body!), c => c.charCodeAt(0));
  let decodedString = new TextDecoder().decode(bytesString);

  1. TEAM-19610: Methods for working with the Marketing workspace via TS SDK have been added. They allow you to create a custom integration module with email distribution services.
  2. TEAM-19720: The method Namespace.portal.setPortalUserAsInternal has been added. It allows external users who use an external portal to be converted to internal status, provided there are licenses available.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-6571: Fixed an issue with uploading a large file to an app property using a script with the createFromLink() function.
  2. TEAM-8916: Corrected the output of nested tables in a document template.
  3. TEAM-10165: A Contract imported as part of a solution is now locked from being modified.
  4. TEAM-10982: Added validation for the start date of an event during editing, ensuring it is not greater than the end date.
  5. TEAM-12931: Fixed an error that occurred when printing files in .png and .jpg formats added to app properties.
  6. TEAM-13565: Corrected the layout for the Account type field when it is placed on a view form.
  7. TEAM-13917: Resolved an issue in publishing and copying a process that had deleted custom forms.
  8. TEAM-15761: When forwarding an email from the Email workspace, attachments are now properly forwarded. The error has been fixed.
  9. TEAM-16343: Fixed an error when accessing the substitution creation date in scripts.
  10. TEAM-16583: Fixed an error where fields were deleted from a template after generation in a business process.
  11. TEAM-17040: Search results by parameters are now preserved after opening/closing the page of one of the found elements.
  12. TEAM-17332: Fixed an issue in exporting configuration where Business process activities were not exported from user modules.
  13. TEAM-17477: Email passwords are now stored in encrypted form in the Administration > Email Settings. The AES256 algorithm is used for encryption.
  14. TEAM-17506: In apps included in a password-protected solution, it is no longer possible to change the signature settings.
  15. TEAM-17883: Resolved an issue with data display in properties on the task form.
  16. TEAM-17888: Renaming files with certain extensions is now available. The error has been fixed.
  17. TEAM-17925: The duplicate search now starts correctly upon the first click on the Search button. The error has been fixed.
  18. TEAM-17897: Fixed an issue with printing a large .pdf file with a watermark.
  19. TEAM-18060: The option name in the Edit Item block settings has been brought into compliance.
  20. TEAM-18127: The order of file display now matches the order of adding them to the Files (Many) property.
  21. TEAM-18603: Fixed the search for items using eq, neq, in, all, has operations for Category fields in scripts.
  22. TEAM-18864: In Administration > Groups, the list of groups is now updated immediately after creating and saving a new item.
  23. TEAM-18909: Fixed an error when generating a document from a template with a table loop function.
  24. TEAM-18922: System buttons on the item view form are now displayed correctly when multiple files are added to a Files property.
  25. TEAM-19345: Multiple attachments are now properly attached in the messaging widget in Live Chats.
  26. TEAM-19347: Fixed an error that occurred when calling a server script with a button in a module widget.
  27. TEAM-19385: Notifications about new messages were not appearing in the mobile application. This issue has been resolved.
  28. TEAM-19474: An error that affected the display of documents in custom Files fields on project plan element pages has been fixed.
  29. TEAM-19494: The functionality of the createSignFile method for signature objects has been improved.
  30. TEAM-19580: Table cells were misaligned when using loops in document generation based on templates. This issue has been corrected.
  31. TEAM-19591: An error occurring when creating folders with files on project pages has been resolved.
  32. TEAM-19595: The toolbar display in the interface designer has been corrected.
  33. TEAM-19656: The selection of the current date has been fixed in methods like setFilter((f) => f.gte(new TDate())).
  34. TEAM-19659: The warning display for empty required properties in the validation window has been improved.
  35. TEAM-19698: Markdown can now be used in the Live Chats workspace for sessions with internal users.
  36. TEAM-19699: Markdown formatting is now supported when connecting a live chat to Telegram.
  37. TEAM-19701: Markdown formatting is now supported when connecting a live chat to WhatsApp.
  38. TEAM-19702: Markdown formatting is now supported when connecting a live chat to VK.
  39. TEAM-20007: Markdown formatting is now supported when connecting a live chat to TelegramBot.
  40. TEAM-19758: An issue with importing data from app items sent for approval when changing the company's locale has been fixed.
  41. TEAM-19760: An error that occurred while working with the getInstancesHistory method has been resolved.
  42. TEAM-19780: An error related to getting a list of process template schemes using Web API methods has been fixed. The namespace parameter now accepts values such as global, system, or workspace code, and the list of processes obtained may vary accordingly.
  43. TEAM-19821: The export_namespace parameter has been improved for exporting contracts as part of system solutions.
  44. TEAM-19828: Date values in the calendar header when displayed in list format have been fixed.
  45. TEAM-19866: An issue with starting a business process by clicking a button on an app item page has been corrected.
  46. TEAM-19922: Reassignment of approval tasks with multiple executors during a business process has been fixed.
  47. TEAM-19925: Enhanced navigation between pages with pagination.
  48. TEAM-19942: An error occurring during registration on an external portal via phone number has been resolved.
  49. TEAM-19943: Errors in scripts added to the Outgoing Invoices app form have been fixed.
  50. TEAM-19948: An issue with the Email notification block where the transmitted sum from a table column was not displayed in emails has been corrected.
  51. TEAM-19970: The status of an app item in a document generated from a template has been fixed.
  52. TEAM-19993: Page and button names in Administration > Project Types on have been corrected.
  53. TEAM-20030: Added support for the syntax if {$variable_name} <> "null".
  54. TEAM-20153: An issue with creating source contract elements from fields on another app's form has been resolved.
  55. TEAM-20162: An issue with session duplication when contacting via email in the live chat has been fixed.
  56. TEAM-20175: In Web API, the model returned by methods list and get now includes a new namespace field, which can take two values: system and global.
  57. TEAM-20184: An issue with the Allow choosing registration date option in a task has been fixed when configuring a process with a Registration activity.
  58. TEAM-20190: Support for spaces within constructs has been added in document generation based on templates.
  59. TEAM-20245: An issue where a new version of a file wasn't added after comparing previous versions of a document has been corrected.
  60. TEAM-20396: The ability to use Markdown in the Live Chats workspace for bot sessions has been added.
  61. TEAM-20424: The display of input fields in Phone Number properties has been fixed.
  62. TEAM-20446: Calculation of new versions in plans has been fixed, and they are now numbered sequentially.
  63. TEAM-20435: Creation of a property of the App type with the Many option has been fixed on forms.
  64. TEAM-20544: Changes in the responsible person when editing a project plan have been fixed to correctly specify the user.
  65. TEAM-20535: An issue with creating app items when an hierarchical directory is enabled has been resolved. Items are now added to the selected folder.
  66. TEAM-20575: Authentication in an external portal using OAuth2 has been fixed, especially when redirect URLs include query parameters.
  67. TEAM-20631: An issue preventing logging into the portal using an OAuth provider has been resolved.
  68. TEAM-20660: Creation of app items when an hierarchical directory is enabled now adds items to the selected folder.
  69. TEAM-20769: The display of the Completed button on project task view forms has been corrected.
  70. TEAM-20776: An issue with listening to audio messages from channels in the Live Chats workspace has been fixed.
  71. TEAM-20796: An error occurring when sending an app item for approval or review has been fixed.
  72. TEAM-17441: Corrected the display of project tasks in the Tasks workspace.
  73. TEAM-18047: Optimized the loading of collection elements in the Projects built-in workspace.
  74. TEAM-19196: Removed the check for the presence of the Blacklist built-in app.
  75. TEAM-18241: Fixed an issue in the mobile application where files in PDF format were compressed when previewing documents through OnlyOffice.
  76. TEAM-20352: Resolved an error occurring when creating a chart with data from the Report system component.
  77. TEAM-20880: Fixed an error that occurred when trying to create an event in a Live Chat in the LiveChat settings.

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