New releases > ELMA365 SaaS / 2023.8




1. TEAM-20181 The UI in CRM tasks was improved. We added new fields for binding CRM tasks with Contacts, making it possible to display a contact's phone number in a Call task, and easily switch to the Email workspace.


2. TEAM-20736 Duplicates are now easily distinguished in the item list. When an item is marked as a duplicate, its name appears crossed out both in the directory and when looked up from a bound app.

Duplicates can now be marked as deleted after having passed the bound items to the main entry. This helps maintain an up-to-date database without displaying duplicates in the directory.


3. TEAM-21017 We improved the email notification template for upcoming events.

  • increased visibility of key fields with data;
  • a link for connecting to online events is included;
  • internal and external participants are listed.


4. TEAM-21288 We modified the logic of the Failed to Reach button in CRM calls. Now, when the user selects any of the reasons for not being able to reached the client, the tasks is closed. The system offers the user to create a new task for a new period with fields already pre-filled with data from the previous task. This is made in order to improve transparency in operations of sales reps.


Document management


1. TEAM-12107 The templator's DateTime  function now supports different types of  quotation marks "", ‘’, «_». Different constructions can now be used such as: {DateTime(‘“DD” MMMM YYYY’,{$__CreatedAt},“ru_RU”)}


2. TEAM-16334 The Print form setting in apps now has a Display a watermark in preview mode flag. If enabled, the user will see the watermark when opening the file for preview.


3. TEAM-20213 We added new variables to the templater variables for approval sheets:

//"Approver" string constant
Code: "respondent_string",
Type: types.String,
//"Status" string constant
Code: "status_string",
Type: types.String,
//"Date" string constant
Code: "date_string",
Type: types.String,
//"File" string constant
Code: "file_string",
Type: types.String,
//"Comment" string constant
Code: "comment_string",
Type: types.String,
//Document namte
Code: "name",
Type: types.String,
//Status of approval sheet/list of informed users
Code: "listStatus",
Type: types.String,
//List of approvers/informed users
Code: "respondents",
Type: types.Table,
Data: p.respondentFieldsJSON(),

4. TEAM-20822 You can now permanently delete a file from the recycle bin. Bulk deletion and the Empty Recycle Bin button are now available to the system supervisor.


5. TEAM-21099 The Convert to PDF activity now ignores the register in file extensions when determining the file type.




1. TEAM-16538 In apps you can now enable inheritance of access permissions according to the user hierarchy. When disabled, the superiors (according to the org chart) will no longer have access to the apps of their subordinates.


2. TEAM-8913 You can now set an empty value for a Category variable.


3. TEAM-9296 An App property can now be added to a Business process activity in a module.




1. TEAM-8851 We added API for contracts. To go to API, click on the gear icon next to the contract's name. In the menu, select API. The API page will open featuring the following tabs: Item list, Get item, Create item and Edit item for managing the contract via API.


2. TEAM-17113 REST API. You can now create a folder with a specified name inside a parent folder.


3. TEAM-18405 We implemented permanent deletion of files from ELMA365. New methods in TS SDK: delete, rename, move.

     * Deleting a file.
     * The methods allows moving a file to recycle bin to be deleted.
     * ```typescript
     *     // Example of deleting all files created by a user (some user_id);
     *     const userID = '1a8286d3-a222-4b8b-a860-84f6505a708a';
     *     const searchFiles = await
     *          where(file => file.__createdBy.eq(userID)).
     *          all();
     *    for (let i = 0; i < searchFiles.length; i += 1) {
     *      await searchFiles[i].delete();
     *    }
     * ```
    delete(): Promise<void>;
    * Renaming a file.
    * The method allows changing the name of a file.
    * ```typescript
    *   // Exampe of renaming a file used in the context;
    *   const fileUUID =;
    *   if(!fileUUID) {
    *       return;
    *   }
    *   // Look for the filw;
    *   const file = await => x.__id.eq(fileUUID)).first();
    *   if(!file) {
    *       return;
    *   }
    *   await file.rename('New name.txt');
    * ```
    * @param newName New file name. Pass file name and format (newName.txt).
    rename(newName: string): Promise<void>;
     * Move file.
     * The method allows moving a file to a specified directory.
     * ```typescript
     *     // Example: select all doc and docx files from the directory and move them to a new one;
     *     const directoryID = "0520723d-5e32-4d37-8eca-175853a2ec88";
     *     const searchFiles = await
     *          where(file =>
     *          all();
     *     // Create new directory;
     *    const newDirectory = await System.directories.create("Documents", directoryID);
     *    searchFiles!.forEach(async file => {
     *         let format ='.').reverse()[0];
     *         if (format=='doc' || format=='docx') {
     *              await file.move(;
     *         };
     *    });
     * ```
     * @param directoryID ID of the directory where the files are moved. Waits for the directory uuid otherwise an error will occur.
    move(directoryID: string): Promise<void>;

4. TEAM-19548 We added PermissionType.IMPORT and PermissionType.EXPORT to manahe import and export permissions is apps.

5. TEAM-20852 In the methods of FormData type, an optional parameter has been added to include the Content-Type header for the corresponding part of the request::

formData.append(name, dataString, contentType?)
// If passing byte buffer, then:
formData.append(name, buffer, fileName, contentType?)

6. TEAM-21018 We added a Web API method for getting a list of groups within an app:

GET /pub/v1/scheme/namespaces/{namespace}/apps/{code}/groups

7. TEAM-21019 We added a Web API method for getting a list of processes within an app:

GET /pub/v1/scheme/namespaces/{namespace}/apps/{code}/processes

8. TEAM-21403 We added Web API methods for getting a list of templates for workspaces and apps:

GET /pub/v1/scheme/namespaces/{namespace}/doctemplates
GET /pub/v1/scheme/namespaces/{namespace}/apps/{code}/doctemplates

9. TEAM-9586 Now the System.getBaseUrl() method is available in scripts for returning the company's base URL.



1. TEAM-20546 An HTML editor has been added to the Live Chat, allowing operators to format message text.


2. TEAM-20568 The system now includes a Schedules directory. In this app, you can create service schedules for each customer category and specific company. These schedules are used to calculate SLA normative values. For example, the SLA norm calculation timer won't start if the request arrives during non-working hours according to the graphics.


3. TEAM-20713 When an operator writes a message in the sending window, it is now automatically saved as a draft until it is actually sent. This allows operators to return to the message later, even if they switch between different sessions.



1. TEAM-21608 EQL search has been added for apps.


2. TEAM-17880 UX of the form designer has been improved. Scroll functionality has been added, which activates when a user drags a widget or property down the form.



1. TEAM-12324: The project completion date is now adjusted if the task duration in the project is changed.


2. TEAM-19038: In Administration > Project Types, approval settings have been added for project types. Approval settings are available when the corresponding toggle is enabled. The Administration > Project Approval page has been removed.



TEAM-4955. When a user is locked through the Administration > Users, a window now displays a list of their current tasks. Tasks are grouped by type (standard, CRM, project) and the user's supervisor.



TEAM-18857 When adding a reaction to a user's message in a personal or group chat, the user now receives a push notification. Notifications will be sent if All Notifications or Personal is selected in notification settings, and if the chat is not muted. The notification counter is not incremented in this case.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-12373: Fixes related to errors when viewing and signing apps.
  2. TEAM-12487: Resolved the errors related to the display of the process map in the mobile app have.
  3. TEAM-14539: When exporting contracts, localization files are now included  in the exported archive.
  4. TEAM-16345: The Recipients field is now required when sending a file for information.
  5. TEAM-17911: Comparison buttons for versions have been removed for file formats other than .docx. The Compare with Version button now only appears for .docx files.
  6. TEAM-19392: Incorrect display of files with changes in the extension case has been fixed.
  7. TEAM-19471: Erroneous permissions for creating and deleting an item in a folder without inheritance of permissions have been corrected.
  8. TEAM-19657: An issue with document registration in a business process with a configured daily number reset has been resolved.
  9. TEAM-19874: An error that occurred when attempting to create an item with a text field filled with script-generated string data has been fixed.
  10. TEAM-20171: Redundant and duplicate notifications in approval tasks have been eliminated.
  11. TEAM-20364: Hierarchical app items can now be edited successfully after import.
  12. TEAM-20391: When changing approval settings, the current settings are now displayed correctly.
  13. TEAM-20644: Print forms can now be successfully attached to documents in Diadoc.
  14. TEAM-20676: Settings can now be modified when selecting the Sheet in Archive option in the Approval block.
  15. TEAM-20698: An error in template-based generation in tables has been fixed.
  16. TEAM-20754: Synchronization of primary files for app items has been improved.
  17. TEAM-20950: Apps can now be successfully inserted within tables.
  18. TEAM-20957: When selecting the source app for a contract, a connection between all contract fields and the source is always checked. If field correspondence is not established, the user will receive a warning.
  19. TEAM-20968: Special characters no longer disappear during PDF generation.
  20. TEAM-21095: Errors during PDF conversion have been corrected.
  21. TEAM-21141: A loader is now displayed when exporting an approval sheet.
  22. TEAM-21178: An error in SetWatermarksOnDocStream when creating a PDF document has been resolved.
  23. TEAM-21385: Information about electronic signatures is now displayed on the watermark in the preview form.
  24. TEAM-21394: The design of the template addition button on the Document Templates page has been adjusted.
  25. TEAM-21527: An error when selecting a file from the Files workspace in a process task has been resolved.
  26. TEAM-21557: It is no longer necessary to specify data types for Table fields when uploading a document template into the system.
  27. TEAM-21567: The watermark now correctly appears on the preview form after changing the print form settings.
  28. TEAM-21605: An error in loading previews in document tasks with a watermark has been fixed.
  29. TEAM-21819: The "Unable to add the package" error during solution update has been resolved.
  30. TEAM-17447: An error where a business process would fail in a script block when initiated by the system has been fixed.
  31. TEAM-19673: An issue related to the non-functionality of the fetch() method in LineClientItemRef has been fixed.
  32. TEAM-19700: Markdown support has been added to LiveChat.
  33. TEAM-20191: The problem of sending messages in a session without confirmation has been resolved.
  34. TEAM-20203: An error related to the WhatsApp account phone number format has been fixed. Regardless of the number format (with or without "+"), the correspondence is now correctly saved and pulled into the chat widget.
  35. TEAM-20539: Previously, if a Telegram user did not have a username, the system would not display their chat in the Live Chat widget and would not add Telegram to the client's accounts, potentially leading to data loss. Now, if the user lacks a username, their phone number is automatically recorded in the user's account. Additionally, the phone number will be displayed in the Customer block if the client is not associated with a contact.
  36. TEAM-20844: An error where an image disappeared when editing message template text in Live Chats has been fixed.
  37. TEAM-19265: In the Projects workspace: the Projects page displays all project types, and the Project Templates page is hidden by default when creating a company.
  38. TEAM-2965: An issue where a user form for one entity was displayed in the list of forms for another entity, and changes were not saved, has been resolved. Forms are now displayed only within their respective entities (e.g., task form in tasks, start form in start events, instance summary form in instance forms).
  39. TEAM-11431: An error related to assigning a variable of the Arbitrary App type in a business process has been fixed.
  40. TEAM-11718: Incorrect behavior of notifications when a task was overdue has been corrected. Now, if a task is overdue, the executor receives a notification with a link to the task rather than the process.
  41. TEAM-14123: The functionality of the Do not show start form widget is now restored.
  42. TEAM-18159: When creating subtasks, the Files and Description fields are now correctly passed.
  43. TEAM-18647: The Due date field in outgoing tasks in the table is now displayed correctly.
  44. TEAM-19427: A removed task form is no longer available for selection in the form editor.
  45. TEAM-19763: The color of transition buttons in business processes no longer changes when the company's theme color is modified.
  46. TEAM-20421: The display of completed tasks from the process debugging mode has been fixed. Completed tasks in debugging mode are no longer shown as completed in the Tasks workspace on the All tab.
  47. TEAM-20635: The issue where opening the Administration workspace redirected the user to an empty page has been resolved.
  48. TEAM-20829: Previously, some clients experienced processes getting stuck if they had a timer followed by a script or status change block. This issue has been fixed.
  49. TEAM-21082: An error that occurred when attempting to close a transition confirmation form with a mandatory field has been resolved. The confirmation form is now sent correctly, and the process continues.
  50. TEAM-13076: Typing has been added to the filtering methods in and has.
  51. TEAM-19620: An issue where CRM access rights for deals were not displayed has been fixed.
  52. TEAM-20331: Context variables of the Arbitrary App type are now correctly passed in widgets.
  53. TEAM-20633: The code and privileges field groups have been removed from the Web API schema (models).
  54. TEAM-20647: Issues with the Pager type that prevented the use of such a field on forms have been resolved.
  55. TEAM-20914: An error related to the login of invited users to the portal has been fixed.
  56. TEAM-21167: In TSSDK, correct values for Portal properties are now returned.
  57. TEAM-21291: Parameters passed in the URL on an external portal are no longer reset if there is no authorization.
  58. TEAM-21379: An error in exporting solution business processes with a built-in workspace has been fixed.
  59. TEAM-20476: When creating a form in an app, the widget is now saved with the correct code.
  60. TEAM-20564: If there's a field in the context with the code constructor, process instances will now start correctly.
  61. TEAM-17370: We've fixed the project filtering issue, ensuring that all projects are displayed, except those in the final status.
  62. TEAM-20066: When creating a company, a default project template and an empty plan are now automatically generated. Publishing the template, using it to create a project, and going to the template works correctly.
  63. TEAM-20542: When changing the form scale, the Gantt chart now automatically adapts to the new dimensions.
  64. TEAM-20543: Moving files to folders while working with the Files widget in projects now functions correctly.
  65. TEAM-21069: Multiple widgets of the same type (e.g., project Tasks) with independent settings can now be placed on a project page.
  66. TEAM-21127: The estimated deadlines are now correctly transmitted to the project. This function now works correctly.
  67. TEAM-21163: The End date is now correctly saved when edited from the inline editor.
  68. TEAM-21165: The estimated deadlines are now filled in correctly.

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