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Install ELMA365 to MicroK8s offline

ELMA365 On-Premises can be installed on a server without internet access. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. On a PC with internet access, download and install the offline loader (the file’s size is approximately 3–4 GB). You can use the same loader for different operating systems:


In the terminal, run the following command:

curl -fsSL -o elma365-downloader.sh \
https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/latest/downloader-offline && \
chmod +x elma365-downloader.sh && \


Download and unzip the archive file: https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/latest/downloader-offline.zip. Launch the downloader-offline.bat file.

To download a specific version, use the following download link template:

      • For Linux: https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/X.Y.Z/downloader-offline
      • For Windows: https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/X.Y.Z/downloader-offline.zip

Where X.Y.Z is the version number.

For example, if you want to download ELMA365 On-Premises version 2021.10.15 for Linux, the link will have the following format: https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/2021.10.15/downloader-offline.

  1. After the download, copy the elma365-X.Y.Z folder to the server where the system will be installed.
  2. Before the installation, we recommend configuring the DNS settings as described in the ELMA365 On-Premises install or update freeze article in ELMA365 Community.
  3. Open the folder and run the following command:

sudo bash installer-offline.sh

To install ELMA365 On-Premises Enterprise, run the following command:

sudo bash installer-offline.sh -e enterprise

The rest of the installation steps is the same as the ones described in the Install ELMA365 to MicroK8 article.

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