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Autoscaling and Linkerd

начало внимание

The article provides instructions for the deprecated system edition, ELMA365 On‑Premises in MicroK8s. Please see up-to-date editions in the ELMA365 On‑Premises article.

конец внимание

For the Enterprise edition, Linkerd can be enabled. It is a tool that provides service autoscaling and a service mesh.

Linkerd is a dedicated infrastructure layer that controls service-to-service communication, automatically encrypts connection, and processes request retries and timeouts. It also provides telemetry (success or delay rate) and many other features.

You can enable or disable autoscaling while installing, updating, or reconfiguring the ELMA365 application.

When you enable autoscaling during installation, the Linkerd service is connected automatically. If the number of service replicas does not need to change, and autoscaling is not required, you will be asked whether to enable Linkerd when disabling autoscaling.

If you are working with a cluster or more than one replica of the application’s services, it is required to enable Linkerd for correct operation and high availability of the application.

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