Getting started / ELMA365 editions

ELMA365 editions

Before getting started, decide which system version suits you best:

  • SaaS. A cloud subscription.
  • On-Premises. A service  installed on the customer’s server.



  1. You do not need a server to install the system.
  2. Cloud resources are provided.


  1. The solution is autonomous.
  2. There are specific server requirements
  3. Complete control over corporate data.

Then, select a suitable edition of the version:

  • Standard is for up to 200 simultaneous users.
  • Enterprise is for larger companies with over 200 users.

To learn more about server requirements for the On-Premises version, see:

To learn more about the installation of ELMA365 On-Premises and its editions see ELMA365 On‑Premises.

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