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ELMA365 On-Premises 2023.10 includes all the ELMA365 SaaS 2023.10 updates, as well as the following changes:


1. Updated licensing system: The new licensing system aims to make license protection more reliable while meeting the security service requirements. This update is only for the On-premises edition.


  1. For users, activation procedures and the interface remain unchanged.
  2. Machine data has been replaced with infrastructure data.
    • During infrastructure setup, it's recommended to use a trial key, as it doesn't require platform reactivation when reconfiguring the infrastructure. The maximum activation period for a trial key is one month.
    • For commercial use, a commercial key is recommended. Note that infrastructure reconfiguration might require platform reactivation.
  1. Activation keys now are valid for 15 days from the date of generation.
  2. Node activation for the Enterprise edition is no longer required. Any node can perform the license check.
  3. Removed the option "Show Cluster Servers" in the Administration > License Management.
  4. Clients updating to version 2023.10 from earlier versions will see a message in Administration > License Management about the need to update the activation key.
    • The key must be updated before upgrading the platform to version 2024.4, as the old licensing system will no longer be supported.
    • Only the platform needs reactivation; system and business solutions do not.

2. Added the option to choose between OnlyOffice and R7 Office editions during the installation of ELMA365 add-ons.

3. Updated the configuration method of the ELMA365 platform for installing custom microservices.

4. Added two add-ons (Addons) for ELMA365 Enterprise: Loki for log collection and Tempo for trace collection. Details on installation, configuration, and use will soon be available in the help section.

5. Updated the Monitoring addon (Prometheus + Grafana): Added several ELMA365 application dashboards, improved the dashboard delivery system for installing multiple ELMA365 instances in a single Kubernetes cluster.

6. To monitor all ELMA365 instances in a cluster, one Monitoring, one Loki, and one Tempo will be required.

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