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ELMA365 On-Premises 2023.9 includes all the ELMA365 SaaS 2023.9 updates, as well as the following changes:

  1. Updates in parameters for portable microservices:
  • Deprecated parameters:
    • .Values.k8s.manageableNamespace
    • .Values.babysitter.k8s.manageableNamespace

These parameters have been replaced and are no longer supported as of version 2023.9.0.

  • Current parameters:
    • .Values.managedServices.enabled
    • .Values.managedServices.namespace

Ensure that you are using the new parameters when installing or updating.


  1. Preparations for the release of the autumn LTS version of ELMA365 OnPremises:
  • Cosmetic changes have been made to the microservice images and their installation manifests.
  • Add-on packages have been updated.

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  1. Important notifications:
  • Discontinuation of support for PostgreSQL 10.x in the 2024.4 release: Please update your DBMS to the current version before updating ELMA365, as updating with PostgreSQL 10.x will not be possible.
  • Discontinuation of ELMA365 delivery based on MicroK8s in the 2024.4 release: If you are using MicroK8s, please plan an infrastructure upgrade. We recommend transitioning to the Deckhouse platform.

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