New releases > ELMA365 On-Premises / 2023.8


ELMA365 On-Premises 2023.8 includes all the ELMA365 SaaS 2023.8 updates, as well as the following changes:

  1. The monitoring add-on for overseeing ELMA365 has been updated. The dashboards for ELMA365 have been structured and improved. Support has been added for multiple instances of ELMA365 in a single K8s cluster, located in different namespaces.
  2. The helm package now includes an lts.yaml file that provides an up-to-date list of LTS versions for ELMA365.
  3. An Istio add-on has been introduced. This is an alternative Service Mesh solution for ensuring network connectivity and balancing traffic of microservices running in multiple replicas. It can be used in Openshift/OKD and Kubernetes as an alternative to Linkerd.
  4. There's a new capability for external connection to Redis in the ELMA365 KinD delivery.
  5. Corrections have been made to the R7 office and OnlyOffice add-ons.
  6. The Jaeger add-on for viewing trace requests has been fixed.
  7. Changes have been made to improve the ELMA365 delivery system.

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