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Advanced Security Pack

ELMA365 Advanced Security Pack is a system solution for ELMA365 that helps implement advanced security measures. The features included in the package can be activated to complement the basic security settings that are installed by default. The set of features available in the package will be updated as new security measures are developed.

начало внимание

The features in the package are only available to the system administrator.

конец внимание

The ELMA365 Advanced Security Pack solution is applied differently depending on the system edition:

  • for SaaS Standart it is activated by default. A part of the features is not available due to certain characteristics of the architecture of SaaS Standart. The available features are listed in the table below;

  • for SaaS Enterprise, On-Premises all the features are available. To start using them you need to activate the solution.

Features included in ELMA365 Advanced Security Pack

Available in SaaS Standard

Available in SaaS Enterprise и On-Premises after activation

Restrict file download for unauthorized users



User session timeout



Limit the number of parallel sessions




Restrict file download

When someone tries to download a file stored in ELMA365 via a link, the person's authentication and permissions are checked. This feature requires additional settings. To use it, please contact us.

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