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System groups

The system has several system groups which cannot be deleted or modified:

  • Administrators. Users who have access to all system settings. The system supervisor is included in the group by default and can add other users to the group.
  • All users. By default, this group includes all users of the company. Please note, that external users are not included in this group.
  • CRM solution users. Users who occupy ELMA365 CRM licenses.
  • External users. Users who are not company employees and have been given access to the system for working in the external portal.
  • Privileged users. Add users who use named licenses to this group.
  • Projects solution users. Users who occupy ELMA365 Projects licenses.
  • System supervisor. By default, it includes the person who created the company;


System supervisor

The Supervisor has a full set of permissions that can be assigned in the system. For example, they can create, edit, and delete:

The Supervisor has access to all system settings, system folders and personal folders of users, can manage free storage space and the company's service plan, edit the list of users and channels, as well as model the organizational chart of the company.

Additionally, when ELMA365 fails to determine the executor of a business process task, such tasks are assigned to the Supervisor. This may happen, for example, if an employee specified in a swimlane no longer works in the company.

The Supervisor assigns system administrators and can appoint another user as the Supervisor instead of themselves.

Please note that the Supervisor is not a group, but a role. That means that only one user can be assigned to a role, not various as in a group. Also, the Supervisor cannot be locked out of the system. Therefore, it is important that the Supervisor assigns someone else to this role if they, for instance, are quitting the job and leaving the company. Only then can their access to the system be restricted.To do this, the supervisor should go to Administration > Groups > System groups > System supervisor and click Edit.


An Administrator like the Supervisor has full access to all system objects. Unlike the Supervisor, administrators do not receive business process tasks with undefined executors. Also, administrators cannot edit the Supervisor role and assign a different supervisor.

начало внимание

Users included in the Administrators group always have all the access permissions available in the system. Any access restrictions are not applied to the supervisor or system administrators.

конец внимание

By default, the Administrators group includes only the Supervisor, who can add other users to the group.

External users

External users can access ELMA365 via the external portal interface. They are given limited access to the data stored in the system, can start business processes, create new app items, etc. In order to make such actions available, add corresponding buttons and widgets to the portal pages.

For an external user to sign into the portal, provide with an invite link.

New external users can be added to the System apps workspace. To learn more, see Add external users.

This group is useful for settings access to system objects located on the portal page or for assigning an executor in a business process swimlane.

All users

The All users group includes all the users who have access ELMA365. Just as for External users, you  can use this group to configure access permissions to the system and assign executors in business processes. Employees who are included in the All users group only cannot manage system settings and cannot open workspaces and apps with limited access.

An administrator can create a user group and add certain users to it, for example, to give them access to a closed Invoices workspace.

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