ELMA365 On-Premises > Install ELMA365 Enterprise to MicroK8s / Scaling


To combine several servers into a cluster, you need to install the system on one of the servers and then add other servers to the cluster.


On the main worker node (the server where the system is installed), run the following command:

elma365ctl add-node


You’ll see a list of commands:


From the host you wish to join to this cluster, run the following:
curl -fsSL -o elma365-installer.sh https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/latest/download
chmod +x elma365-installer.sh
./elma365-installer.sh --join-cluster
If the host you are adding is not reachable through the defaultinterface, please specify your IP address


You need to run these commands on the server that you are going to add to the cluster. Please note that you must run add-node command for each new server you want to add because the command generates a unique one-time connection key.

Servers must be added sequentially one at a time.



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