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Install Jaeger

Jaeger is software that is used to trace and troubleshoot issues in interconnected software components, known as microservices. Multiple microservices interact with each other to perform a single software function.

Developers use Jaeger to visualize the chain of events when microservices interact to isolate a problem when something goes wrong. This is also referred to as Jaeger tracing because it tracks or traces the path of a request through a series of interactions between microservices.

Installation consists of three steps:

  1. Download the helm chart and configuration file.
  2. Fill out the configuration file.
  3. Install the Jaeger chart using helm in the Kubernetes cluster.

Step 1: Download the helm chart and configuration file

For installation via the internet, obtain the configuration file values-jaeger.yaml by executing the command:

helm repo add elma365 https://charts.elma365.tech
helm repo update
helm show values elma365/jaeger > values-jaeger.yaml

Getting the configuration file for installation in a closed-loop environment without internet access

Step 2: Fill out the configuration file

Fill out the configuration file values-jaeger.yaml for Jaeger installation.

## Jaeger settings
      cpu: 100m
      memory: 256Mi
      cpu: 500m
      memory: 8Gi
    - effect: NoSchedule
      key: dedicated
      operator: Equal
      value: monitoring
    name: jaeger-nodeport
    ## Port for accessing Jaeger when ingress is disabled
    nodePort: 32121
    ## enable host in ingress
    enabled: false
    className: ""
      kubernetes.io/ingress.class: nginx
    ## annotations for cert-manager operation
    # certmanager.io/cluster-issuer: letsencrypt
      ## domain (FQDN) through which the system will be accessible
      - host: example.ru
          - path: /
            pathType: ImplementationSpecific
     ## enable encryption, when using cert-manager, specify the used secretName letsencrypt
#    tls:
#      - secretName: example-ru-cert
#        hosts:
#          - example.ru
  ## enable creation of a secret with custom certificates
  ##  indicate the path to the certificate in the lines key: and cert:
    enabled: false
    key: "files/my_cert.key"
    cert: "files/my_cert.crt"
  ## To prevent the problem of insufficient memory, specify an integer value for tracing
  memory_max_traces: 50000
  ## number of replicas for high availability
  replicaCount: 1

Filling out the parameters for connection to a private registry for installation in a closed loop without internet access

Step 3: Install the Jaeger chart using helm in the Kubernetes cluster

Install the Jaeger chart in namespace monitoring.

For installation via the internet, execute the command:

helm upgrade --install jaeger elma365/jaeger -f values-jaeger.yaml -n monitoring

For offline installation without internet access, navigate to the directory with the downloaded chart and execute the command:

helm upgrade --install jaeger ./jaeger -f values-jaeger.yaml -n monitoring

Delete the Jaeger chart using helm in the Kubernetes cluster

To delete the jaeger chart in namespace monitoring, execute the command:

helm uninstall jaeger -n monitoring

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