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Approve project plan

project-plan-approval-1By default, if project plan approval is set up, the Project plan approval system business process is used to set the approval logic.

But you can also make a custom approval process and use the Approve Project Plan activity in it.


начало внимание

Only users with the paid ELMA365 Projects license can use the Approve Project Plan activity.

конец внимание

Using this activity, you can automatically change a plan version’s status to Approved. The status will change only if project plan approval is enabled. Otherwise, the version status will stay the same, and the process will continue to run.

You need to add the activity to the process diagram after the plan approval task and configure a transition so that the version’s status changes if the executor clicks Approved in the task.

Before configuring the activity, create an App type variable in the process context and link it to the Project plan app. In the process, the plan version whose status needs to be changed will be written to this variable. If you are setting up your approval process within the Project plan app, this variable is added to the process context by default.

After that, drag the Approve Project Plan activity to the process diagram and double-click on it. In the window that opens, specify the variable linked with the Project plan app.

If you want to publish a project plan within the business process after it is approved, use the Publish Project Plan activity.

When you finish the business process, bind it with the Project plan app and select it in the project plan approval settings.

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