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Validate process logic

After you create a process diagram, you can check whether it is composed correctly. When checking, the following types of logical errors can be detected: missing final event, incorrectly configured gateway, incorrectly defined conditions, undefined executors in swimlanes.

To find out if the process is composed correctly, click the Check button on the top toolbar.

If no errors are found, you will see the following notification at the top of the page:


If any errors are found in the process, you will see a warning at the bottom of the page. In the process diagram, elements with errors are highlighted in red.


Possible errors in process steps:

  • Scheduled process must not have a start event form;
  • Process start form has fields that were not found in the context.

Possible errors in app items:

  • App type variable is not selected;
  • Variable is not found in the context;
  • App type variable is required;
  • Value cannot be empty.

Possible errors in user tasks:

  • Task form has fields that were not found in the context;

Possible errors in notifications:

  • Notification subject is missing;
  • Notification recipients are not selected;
  • Invalid target code, if the target is not the associated activity stream of the business process ;
  • Context variable storing recipient is not found or has invalid type. Only User type variables are allowed;
  • Invalid identifier of group or org chart item selected as recipient.

Possible errors in timer:

  • Days cannot be negative;
  • Hours cannot be negative;
  • Minutes cannot be negative;
  • Minutes cannot be greater than 59;
  • Context variable storing timer expiration value is not found.

Possible errors in process start:

  • Workspace is not specified;
  • Process code is not specified;
  • Field cannot be empty;
  • Context variable is not found.

Possible errors in swimlanes:

  • No group selected for static swimlane;
  • No context variable selected for dynamic swimlane.

Possible errors in connectors:

  • Source element is not found;
  • Condition uses a non-existent service variable;
  • Condition type does not match service variable type;
  • Invalid context variable code. Only strings are allowed;
  • Manual input selected for complex data types;
  • Missing right operand for an operation other than comparison to null;
  • Invalid operation for this operand type.

Possible errors in outgoing connectors:

  • Outgoing connector and source element mismatch;
  • Source element has multiple default outgoing connectors;
  • Outgoing connectors from end event are not allowed;
  • Any elements other than the end event, gateway and user task cannot have more than one connector;
  • Multiple instance task does not have a default connector;
  • Exclusive gateway does not have a default connector;
  • Connector has no source element.

Possible errors in start event:

  • Start event not found;
  • First element must be start event;
  • Incoming connectors are not allowed for the start event.

Possible flow errors:

  • Converging gateway requires a diverging gateway;
  • Diverging gateway requires converging gateway;
  • Multiple converging gateways with one diverging gateway;
  • End event is not allowed between Diverging and Converging gateways;
  • Element can be reached through multiple branches;
  • Some branches going out of the dividing gateway do not reach the respective converging gateway;
  • Types of diverging and converging gateways mismatch;
  • End event cannot be reached;
  • Start event cannot be reached.

Correct logic errors and then save and publish the process so that the system can execute it.

Please note that before publishing, the system will once again validate the process logic.

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