Low-code designer / Creating forms

Custom forms

Appearance of every page (app, event, or a business process task) is defined by their Form. The form appearance should be comfortable to work in — it should have the required fields, employee instructions, and necessary buttons.

You can easily configure the forms yourself using ELMA365 tools. Apart from the default settings, you can add widgets, set up the autofill for the fields, configure the dynamic forms, and use the templates.

You can configure the app item form in two ways:

  • Using the Standard mode. Here you can choose the default properties to add to the form.
  • Using the Advanced mode. Here you can configure the template by dragging the widgets and properties you need to the form.

You can configure the Start event and Task forms for the business processes in the same way. Use the standard form editor in the process designer or go to the Interface designer to configure the form using widgets. Widgets allow you to add additional tabs, columns, panels, information boxes, and code widgets.

Note that you cannot add the page widgets to the form.


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