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API in Apps

ELMA365 API is used for integrating ELMA365 with external systems.

With API methods you can create, edit and obtain data from an app item with just one request.

You can read more about API methods in the Web API article.

You can check the request that you have written on the API page in an app.

API Page in an App

To open the app API page, click the gear icon app gear icon next to the app's name and select API in the menu.


The app API page displays:

  • List of available functions. For more information, please read the Web API article.
  • Description of the function.
  • The method.
  • Request URL for this particular app.
  • Request template.
  • Possibility to check the request that you have written.

Request template

You can find the request template on the JSON package tab.

Testing request

You can test your request on the Test tab.

In the Body field, enter your request and click Send.

You will see the response to your request in the Response field.

Here is an example of testing a request

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