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Counters store a set of rules for sequential numbering of app items. For example, for document registration.

There are workspace-level and app-level counters. The workspace counters are used for numbering items in several apps within a workspace, whereas app counters only work for items of one specific app.

начало внимание

If a workspace counter is used in several apps, such apps cannot be exported separately.

конец внимание

Workspace counters

Click the gear icon workspace gear 1 next to the workspace's name and click Counters in the menu.

counters 2

The list of counters will open. It will be empty if you haven't added any counters yet. To add a counter, click +Counter.

counters 3

Fill in the fields:

counters 4

  • Name. Enter a name for the counter, for example, Incoming Invoices.
  • Start value. Specify the number that the numbering will start from, for example, from 1.
  • Increment. Specify the value, by which numbers are incremented. For example, if the increment is 1, then the numbers will be issued in the following sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • Reuse numbers. If you want to repeatedly use the reserved numbers that have been canceled, enable this option. It is only available for document apps.

After filling in all the fields, click Create to apply changes.

counters 5

App counters

By default, a counter with the 1 increment is preconfigured in every app. You can edit this counter: specify the value, by which numbers are incremented or activate the continuous numbering throughout the workspace. To do this, click the gear icon app gear icon next to the app's name and select Counter in the menu.


The Counter settings window will open.

counters 6

Select the type of counter that you want to create:

  • App. The counter will be used to number items within this app.
  • Workspace. The counter will be used for continuous numbering of items in several apps of the workspace.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Increment. Specify the value, by which numbers are incremented.
  • Next number. The value that the numbering will start from. You can change it later if necessary.

Counter settings

App-level and workspace-level counters are set up in a similar manner.

Open the list of counters by clicking Counters in the workspace menu. Then click on the counter's name and edit:

  • the name;
  • the increment;
  • the possibility to reuse previously reserved numbers.

counters 7

To apply the changes, click Save.

Set the next value

After a counter is set up, the app items will be numbered automatically. If needed, you can manually change the next value in the counter. To do that, open the list of counters, click the symbol and select Set next value.

counters 8

In the provided window, enter the desired Next number and click Set to apply changes.

counters 9

Now, the next registered app item will be given the number that you have specified.

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