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Track process progress

After creating your first process, you can configure the additional settings. They let you track the current status of a business process and its progress.

For example, for the "Contract approval" business process you can check how many contracts have been approved, signed and registered.

Step 1. Create statuses

Begin with the statuses configuration. Set up the "New", "Approved", "Signed", and "Registered" statuses, for example.

To do this, go to the Statuses tab in the process designer top menu.


Check the Add Status field box, then enter the status names. Do not forget to indicate the final status.


Step 2. Add statuses to the process

Return to the process diagram. Select the System elements tab on the right toolbar and drag the Manage status element onto the process diagram.


Place the element on the diagram where the order should change its statusSuppose there is a new "Signing the contract" step in the process we created earlier. The document goes to the registration only after this step. Place the statuses in the following places of the process:

  • New status after the Start Event.
  • Approved status after the Approval.
  • Signed status after the Signing element.
  • Registered status after the Registration. This is the final status.


Double-click on the status item to configure the settings. Choose an appropriate status for each stage.


Save and publish the process. Now the status of the contract changes automatically. Depending on the process stage the contract acquires one or another status.

Step 3. Set up Kanban view

The kanban board in ELMA365 is a business process monitoring tool. While the process is being executed, the contract automatically moves through the workflow and demonstrates the progress.

Go to the Contracts page. After adding statuses to the process, all contracts can be found on the kanban board.


Each column of the kanban board corresponds with a specific order status. The columns representing final statuses have a different background color.

Items on this board can be expanded to view current tasks. To do this, click the gear icon in the top right corner and select the Board settings in the menu. In the pop-up window, check the Show tasks and Expand item boxes. Also, here you can select the other visible item fields, for example, the contractor and the responsible user.

The screenshot below demonstrates the configured kanban board:


If a task in a business process has a deadline that has not been met, the red dot appears on the board item and the task name becomes highlighted in red. Thus, you can immediately see how many tasks are overdue.

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