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Create custom reports

After you have created an app, bound it to a business process, and configured the statuses, you can add a Report for better monitoring.

ELMA365 helps you create your own reports and display the apps summary data in a style that suits you.

You can set up a report using widgets in the low-code designer.

Create a report

Create a report for contracts that will show a table with statistics on contract sums, statuses and responsible users.

To do this, make sure you have added the Contract sum and Responsible user fields to the app. If you haven’t, click the gear icon next to the Contracts app name, select Form Settings and add the fields you need by clicking the + Add button. For the Contract sum field, select the Money type, for the Responsible user, select the Users type.


Read more about the field configuration in Creating an app.

Now, create a page for the future report. In the Contracts workspace, click the + Add button and select Create. In the pop-up, select the Page tab, enter a name and select an appropriate icon. Click Create.


Next, you need to add the report itself. To do this, click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page and select the Widget builder option.

The low-code designer opens. In the modeling field, the Code widget is added by default. Delete it to create your own widget.


Drag the Table widget from the right side panel to the field. A settings window opens.

Select the Contracts app.

Add the fields you want to use in the report:


  • Displayed fields are the contract fields displayed as table columns. Select Responsible userContract sum and Status.
  • Filter fields are the app properties that can be used as report filters. Select Status to sort and search for the contracts by status.
  • Aggregation fields are fields that automatically calculate all sums of values in a column. Select the Contract sum field for the report to show the total sum of all the contracts in the app.

After saving the settings, you can see the draft of the table with data in the builder. You can edit the table by clicking the gear icon: add or remove columns, configure additional filters.


When all settings are done, save and publish the page.

Report view

The Report page is now available in the Contracts workspace menu.

Click on it to see the table with the Name, Responsible user, Contract sum, and Status columns. You can also search by status at the top of the page.


You can create similar reports to display any data from the apps if you need to. The low-code designer also has the Chart widget that displays statistics in a chart. To learn more about it see Chart.

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