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Approval settings

When an app item is processed in a ready-made route, users can open the document’s page and edit any data before the approval task is completed.

For example, the approver can add a new version with comments that he or she has made, and then complete the approval task by declining approval. The person who submitted the document can edit it and resubmit for approval. Each decision is saved as an approval sheet. To view the full list of approval sheets, open the document page and click All sheets on the right panel.

In some cases, when an app item is modified and its properties are edited, the current approval sheet is archived and the approval process is interrupted.

Fields that can be edited without causing the approval sheet to be archived are specified for each app separately in approval settings.  

Set up approval settings

  1. Click on the gear icon next to the name of the app. In the menu, select Other > Approval Settings.
  2. In the provided window, enable one of the three available options:  


  • Exclude all fields. This option is selected by default and allows editing any fields of an app item during the approval process. The approval sheets are not archived when the properties are edited;
  • Exclude system fields. Enable this option to allows users to edit the system fields such as Identified, Author, or Created on, without interrupting the approval. Note that for Document type apps, you cannot exclude the Name and File fields; for Event type apps, you cannot exclude Start date or End date. If a user edits any of these fields, the approval sheet will be archived;
  • Select particular fields. In the list of fields, select those that can be edited during the approval process. The provided list includes all the app properties, both system and custom ones. Make sure to include the Editor and Edited on fields because they are modified each time any changes are made to the item. If you do not select them, the approval sheets will be archived regardless of other settings.
  1. Save the settings.

Please note that when the settings are changed, the current approval sheets in all app items are archived. The new settings you configure are applied to all new approvals. If approval settings are changed back to the ones set up before, old approval sheets are restored.

Here is an example of how you can use these settings: for a contract, interrupt the approval process and archive the approval sheet each time a user uploads a new version of the contract’s file. To do that, exclude all the files except for the Files type property that stores the contract.

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