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Approval sheets

What is an approval sheet

An approval sheet is created by the system when somebody is assigned the task to approve a document or an app item. It includes information about the approvers and their decisions, as well as the date and time of the approval. It is displayed on the right-hand panel on the view form of the document or app item.


Until an approver makes a decision, the question mark icon will be displayed next to his or her name.

When the approval process is completed, you will see the final decision on the page of the document or app item.

You can download an approval sheet as an .xlsx file. To do that, open the approval sheet archive and click the xlsx-icon icon on the right side of the window.


The downloaded approval sheet can later be printed, for example, if you need to attach it to the printed copy of a document. In the approval sheet file, you can find the document file’s name, the names of the approvers, their decisions, the dates they were made, and the approvers’ comments.


If changes are made to the document, for example, when its content is edited, the approval sheet is archived. You can always access archived approval sheets by clicking the corresponding link on the right-hand panel on the document page. Note that if the document’s status changes, the approval sheet is not archived.

Archive an approval sheet

A user can specify fields that can be edited without archiving the approval sheet or interrupting the approval process.

To mark these fields, do the following:

  1. Click the approval-sheets-4 icon next to the app’s name.
  2. In the app menu, click Approval Settings.
  3. The window with field exceptions will open.


There are two options available:

  • Exclude system fields by default. System fields are fields that are the same for all apps, such as Identifier, Index Number, or Created on. They are added automatically by the system and often used in business processes. If you select this option, the approval sheet wont be archived even if the values of system fields change. For Document type apps, you cannot exclude the Name and File fields; for Event type apps, you cannot exclude Start date or End date.
  • Set up the fields manually. Select the fields that can be edited without archiving the approval sheet or interrupting the approval process. The list includes both system fields and the fields you created on the app form.
  1. Save the changes.

Let’s say contracts and supplements to them are approved separately. The Contracts app has a field named Supplements. Let’s make it an exception in the Approval Settings so that the approval sheet isn’t archived if this field is edited. If the supplement file changes, you won’t need to approve the contract again.

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