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Approval sheets

An approval sheet is created when users are assigned the task of approving an app item. It is located on the right panel of the item and contains information about approvers, their decisions, comments, attached files, and approval dates and times.


Until all approvers have completed the task, the sheet has Pending Approval status. After the approval is completed, the final decision is formed: Approved or Rejected.

If the item is sent for re-approval without changes, the previous decisions will be saved to the All sheets list.

During the approval process or after the decision has been made, users can upload a new version of the document or change its properties. In this case, the current sheet can be moved to the Archive. For more information about this setting, see Approval sheet archive.

You can view all existing decisions on an app item by clicking All sheets or Archive on the right panel.


The approval sheets can be uploaded as a .xlsx file. To do this, click the clip0207 icon to the right of the decision.

The uploaded sheet can be printed and, for example, attached to a paper copy of the document. The sheet lists the name of the document, the approvers and their decisions, and includes the dates of the decision and comments. If a substitute user performed the task instead of the approver, the name of this employee will be included in brackets in the uploaded sheet.


Approval sheet archive

An approval sheet is archived in the following cases:

  • someone edits the app item during the approval process or after the approval decision had been made. This allows you to make sure that the current approval decision is up to date with the document itself;
  • app approval settings have been changed. These settings help determine which fields in the app's context can be edited without archiving the approval sheet.  


Retrieve an archived approval sheet

By default, users can edit any properties of an app item. If you have set up specific approval settings, users with permissions to edit app items can retrieve archived approval sheets. This might be necessary in case you need the approval process to continue or if the archived decision has to be shown as the current one.        

To unarchive an approval sheet, click Archive on the side panel of the app item. In the pop-up, click the Unarchive opposite the sheet's name.


The approval sheet will appear on the app's page as the current one.

Let's say that while the approval process was running, someone edited a field that should not have been edited. The approval sheet was archived. If the approver still completes the approval task, the approval sheet will be shown in the archive with the Canceled status. To display the approval decision on the app item's page, you need to first retrieve the sheet from the archive and then complete the approval task.

Download an approval sheet

Any approval sheet, archived or not, can be downloaded to a PC in .xlsx format. To do that, click the the Export to file icon.


The downloaded file contains the name of the document, list of approvers, decisions, dates, and comments.


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