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Widgets in custom extensions

You can create custom widgets as a part of an extension for further use in business process forms, pages of workspaces, apps, and more. After a widget is configured, it can be used in Interface Designer. You can drag and drop it on forms, configure and reuse it like any other system widget. If the extension is disabled, the widget use is no longer possible.

Besides, the extension interfaces become more user-friendly and clear when widgets customized for a particular extension are used.

To create or edit a widget:

  1. Go to Administration > Extensions.
  2. Hover the mouse over the extension and click the gear icon.


  1. Go to the Widgets tab.
  2. Click +Widget. In the window that opens, enter all the necessary information about the widget.
  • Title.* The name of the widget;
  • Widget code.* A unique identifier required to use the widget in the extension;
  • Description. A description of widget's functions and its features;
  • Extension. The extension to which the widget belongs;
  • An icon. A graphic symbol of the widget that helps users to navigate the system better, and find the desired widget faster.

After saving, the Interface Designer window will open, where you can create the custom widget.