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Zadarma IP telephony

The module allows you to connect the Zadarma IP telephony provider to the ELMA365 system. Enable it to make and receive calls in the ELMA365 interface, identify clients by the phone number, open an associated app page when answering a call and listen to call recordings on the page.

начало внимание

Make sure your Zadarma account is active, before starting the installation.

конец внимание

Enable the module

  1. Go to Administration > Modules > Zadarma and check the Enable Module box.
  2. Copy the Webhook URL field data.
  3. Sign into your Zadarma account. Go to Settings > Integrations and API.
  4. On the opened page, check the boxes next to all events for which you want to receive notifications. Paste the copied webhook to the Link to your website field and click Update.


  1. Above the PBX Call settings click the Generate keys button.


  1. Copy the authorization key — Key and the secret key — Secret.


  1. Go to the ELMA365 interface, open Administration > Modules > Zadarma. Paste the key to the API key* field and the secret key to the API secret* field.


  1. Click the Test connection button. If the connection between the systems is established, you will see a notification.
  2. Save the settings.

Merge users

After the connection with the provider is established, you need to match the IP-telephony provider users and ELMA365 users.

  1. On the settings page of the Zadarma module, click the Set up button.
  2. In the opened window, specify an ELMA365 user for each provider extension number.


  1. Click OK.

Please note, the users or provider extension numbers are imported automatically. To add new users, create them in the provider interface. Read more in the Zadarma IP-telephony documentation.


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