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User import statuses

Besides standard user statuses, such as Active, Invited, and Locked, imported users have additional statuses.

Go to Administration>Users, or to System Apps > External users, click Import and select a server for import.

In the far-right column of the user list, you can see user statuses:

  • Not Imported. The users that are not imported yet from the selected server to ELMA365. They are marked with a white indicator.
  • Imported. The users that you have already imported. They are marked with a green indicator.
  • Locked. The users whose accounts are locked on the AD/LDAP server. They are marked with a red indicator.
  • Data mismatch. The users whose accounts exist both in ELMA365 and AD/LDAP and have a mismatch in some attributes, for example, a phone number. Such a record is marked with a yellow indicator.
  • Multiple sources. Blue indicator that is given to users if:
    • users are imported from different AD/LDAP servers with the same login;
    • users are imported from one AD/LDAP with the same Email and different logins. In this case, one of these users will be imported successfully.

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