Getting started / Download a ready-to-use solution from ELMA365 Store

Download a ready-to-use solution from ELMA365 Store

ELMA365 Store is a catalog of business solutions such as Order Management, Customer Service, Deal Management, Contracts, and much more. You can quickly automate the work of your company using the ELMA365 Store pre-built workspaces and apps.

How to download a pre-built solution from ELMA365 Store

To download an ELMA365 Store component to your company, do the following:

  1. Go to the Main page and click the Download button on the Use Templates block.


  1. The ELMA365 Store catalog opens. Select a solution you want to download.


  1. On the solution page you can have a look at its capabilities in the short description. To start downloading a component to your company, click the Install namespace button.


  1. The Workspace Import window opens. Click Next.


  1. Assign users to the roles or add them to groups. You can also do it later. To proceed, click Install. 


  1. When the installation is completed, click Go to Workspace.

Now you can start work in the workspace, for example, add an Invoice. To do this, click + Invoice in the top right corner.


In the top right corner, you can select the items view mode: tiles or table, Kanban board view.


To see the pre-configured business processes included in the solution, click the gear icon next to the workspace name and select Business Processes.


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