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List of files and folders

In the Files workspace, you can simultaneously select several files to move them to another folder, add to Favorites, or create a link to them. In addition, to quickly find the necessary files and folders, you can sort them by various parameters.

Bulk actions with files

In the file list, select the files you need.


Then select the desired action in the panel above the list:


download files as an archive


move files to a new folder


create a link to the files and place it in a specific folder


add files to favorites


move unused files to the recycle bin. Only users included in the Administrators group can delete files from the recycle bin. Before the administrator empties the recycle bin, the files stored in it can be restored.


How to sort files and folders

Files and folders can be sorted:

  • By name. Display files and folders in alphabetical order. Folders are displayed at the top of the list, and lower you can see files.
  • By change date. Sort files and folders by change date
  • By size. Sort files and folders by content size


In the list of files and folders, click on the required column. To reverse the sort order, click the arrows next to the column name.


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