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Employees' documents, shared folders with department files and all the necessary information are stored in an organized manner in the Files section.

In this section, you can upload and create files, view and edit them, as well as move files from one folder to another and control access. Please note that the size of the file storage depends on the chosen service plan.

ELMA365 supports the following file types:

  • documents;
  • images;
  • audio;
  • video.

How to add a new file

There are several ways to add a new file to a folder.

  • Upload form PC. Click on the + File button in the upper right corner and in the drop-down list select Load file.

files 2

or just drag the file from the computer to the folder.

files 3

  • Create a new file. You can create a new file online if you have a subscription to Office 365. ELMA365 supports online Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Click on the + File button and select the file format. The file will open in a new browser tab, and you will be able to edit it in the usual way.

Who will have access to files

By default, files inherit the permissions of the parent folder. You can provide access to the file to specific colleagues or groups of employees. For example, project documentation can only be viewed by the project team.

To determine who will have access to the file, click on the three dots icon to the right of the file name and select Manage Access.

files 4

In the window that opens, specify the file permissions:

files 5

  • View/Download. Allowed to view the file and download its version to the local computer.
  • Create. Allowed to create files in the current folder.
  • Edit. Allowed to make changes to the contents of the file, add versions.
  • Delete. Allowed to move files to the recycle bin.
  • Assign Permissions. Allowed to give and restrict access to the file.
  • Full Access. All actions listed above are allowed.

Read more about access permissions in this article.

How to view a file

To view the added file, you do not need to download it to your computer. Just click on its name to open the preview page.

files 6

All information about the file and its contents is displayed here (for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .png, jpg, etc.).

In addition, on the preview page you can:

files 7

Upload new file version;

files 8

Save the file to your PC;

files 11

Print the file;

files 9

View a list of file properties;

files 10

View a list of actions that can be performed with the file. Read more about the action in this article;

files 13

Send the file for familiarization or approval.

If you want to find out which employee loaded or edited the file, click on the icon next to the preview.

files 1

When you click the files 9 icon, the file properties panel opens. This panel contains information about the author, the size and location of the file, and you can also assign a task, add a checklist or leave a comment in the associated activity stream.

files 12


If your ELMA365 account has an Office 365 license, then the Word and Excel files will also have the Edit button for editing the document online.

files 14

Click on this button to go to Office 365 and edit the document.

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