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Workspace calendars

The productivity of each employee, department or company as a whole significantly relies on how well the work time is planned. To help you with that, ELMA365 offers the Calendar app where users can create and view different events.

Create a new calendar

To create a workspace calendar, go to any workspace and add a new app. Select Event as the app's type, enter a name and select an appropriate icon.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can create workspace calendars.

конец внимание

As an example, let's create a calendar for the HR department containing the interview schedule:

workspace calendar 1

Manage a calendar

On the top of the main calendar page you can see the toolbar:

workspace calendar 2

workspace calendar 3 Quickly switch to the current date;

workspace calendar 4 Switch between periods, for example, between months;

workspace calendar 5 Change the displayed period: month, week, day;

workspace calendar 6

workspace calendar 8  Select the calendar or the timetable view;

workspace calendar 7

workspace calendar 9 This is a button for creating a new event; if a user tries to plan overlapping events, the system will display a warning message;

workspace calendar 10 You can click this icon and go the workspace calendar 9 button settings (its design and the possibility to launch a business process).

In the next articles, you will learn to add events, assign statuses, and export the calendar.

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