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Data Import

The importing tool allows uploading Excel spreadsheets and .CSV files to ELMA365 apps. This way you can quickly populate your apps with a large amount of data.

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Only the users included in the Administrators group can upload data to ELMA365 apps.

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To start importing, follow these steps:

1.  Create an app that will store the data.

To ensure that data is imported correctly, add fields to the app form that will store this data.  Suppose you want to upload customer database to ELMA365. Customer data is stored in .xlsx table in the following columns: company name, phone, email address, contact person, and bank details. In order to complete the import, first, create a relevant app and add to its form fields of the appropriate type: string (to add the name), phone number, email, full name, text. More information about the types of fields in ELMA365 can be found in this article.

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2. Generate app template.

A template is used to align an uploaded file with the importing requirements.  

To download a template, click the gear icon next to the name of the app, then select Data - Import. In the pop-up, choose the type of the template depending on which file you plan to import: .xlsx or .csv.

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3. Bring the imported file in accordance with the template.

A template contains a table with columns that match app fields. In each column, there is an example of data it may contain.   DI 3

You can copy the name of the columns to the imported file or fill out the template with your data.

4. Upload the file populated with data to ELMA365.

Once you completed all the above steps, the data can be imported into the system. To do this, click on the gear icon to the right of the app name, then select Import Data to app. In the window that opens, upload the imported file.

data import

What to keep in mind when importing data

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When importing, existing app items are not updated.

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If you export data from an existing app, make changes to it, and then upload it to the system again, the existing app items will not be updated. In this case, new app items will be added that will contain the edited data.

Importing multiple values

If you want to import multiple values to one ELMA365 filed, use a comma (,) as a separator.

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company@example1.com, company@example2.com allows you to add two email addresses to one field.

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This works for the following types of fields: number, category, phone, email address, link, user, app.

Possible errors

The format of the loaded data must match the type of field. Otherwise, you will see a warning indicating the row and column in which the incorrect entry was found.

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Correct the entry and continue importing.

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