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Scripts (tab)

All scripts used in a business process can be found in the Script Tab. Scripts are written in the TypeScript programming language. If you'd like to know more about the basic principles of scrip-writing in ELMA365, please visit our TypeScript SDK Help Center.

In certain scripts, you may use additional parameters. They allow you to optimize some process operations or make changes to the script without republishing. Read more about this in the Additional Parameters article. script 3

Control panel

The Control Panel can be found in the upper part of the tab.


  • Save. The script text will be saved as a draft, while the published script does not change.
  • Check. The script will be checked for errors. Found errors will be underlined in red. Script with errors cannot be published.
  • Publish. ELMA365 can run only published scripts. Remember to publish the script every time you make changes. Saved but not published changes will not be available to users during the business process.
  • Debug. Business process launch button. Can be used to test and debug your script.
  • Undo. Cancel the last action.
  • Redo. Repeat the last undone action.

  • Settings. This option is available only for the scripts in the workspace and app business processes. You can allow or restrict access to global constants. By default, none of these options if not selected. st2
    • Global. Select this option if you want to use the Global constant in the script. It allows you to access variables contained in other workspaces, as well as global parameters. Using this object disallow further downloading of the script. That is, if you use the Global constant in the  process script attributed to a workspace or an app, then you will not be able to export such workspace or app.
    • Namespace. This option allows you to use the Namespace constant in the script. It gives access to workspace apps. You will not be able to export the app with a script containing the Namespace constant, but the workspace export will still be available.

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