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System Workspaces

ELMA365 comes with a pack of ready-made workspaces installed by default. Apps and item pages within them are premade and preconfigured. These workspaces refer to as system workspaces.

They are:

You can use the system workspaces in the other apps, business processes, and app pages, for example, to export your solution from one company to another later.

Let’s look at two cases of export:

  1. Import and export of the component linked to a system workspace

Suppose we want to export the “Contracts” workspace that includes the “Making of a contract” business process linked to a “Company” system app. As every ELMA365 instance has the same system app, no problem should occur while exporting and importing the workspace. If we use the custom app, which is not relevant to the “Contracts workspace,” there would be an error while exporting.

  1. Import and export of the entire system app or workspace.

Sometimes it is required to export the entire system app or workspace, as part of a solution, for example. When importing such a solution to any other company ELMA365 automatically updates the existing system app data instead of creating a new one.


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