Email / Email organizing options

Email organizing options

As in other email clients, emails in ELMA365 are organized into Inbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, and Starred folders.

In each folder, there are several labels available: you can mark emails as read or unread and starred or unstarred. You can also delete or restore them. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Check the boxes next to one or several emails in the list or select all the emails loaded on the page by clicking Select all on the top panel.
  2. Buttons at the top of the page will become available. Click a button to apply the chosen label or action to all selected emails.


The buttons available will vary depending on the folder that is opened and the current status of the selected emails.

  • Read. When you mark an email as read, it will not be included in the count shown next to the Inbox. The actions-with-email-2 symbol will be displayed next to the email. When you open an unread email, it is automatically marked as read.
  • Unread. Mark an email as unread if you want to come back to it later. It will be considered new in the email count. You will see the actions-with-email-3 symbol next to it.
  • Starred. Mark an email as starred to add it to the Starred folder. The email will also be marked with the actions-with-email-4 symbol in the Inbox folder. You will see the same symbol in the upper right corner of the email’s page.
  • Unstarred. If a starred email is not important anymore, unstar it. It will no longer appear in the Starred folder.
  • Delete. Click this button to move an email to trash. In the Trash folder, you can apply this button to an email again to delete it from the workspace completely. Note that attachments stored in the Files workspace will also be deleted.

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