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Approval sheets

This widget allows you to display information about the approvers, their decision, and the date and time the decision was made on the app page sidebar.

Let's take the contract approval process as an example. The contract is first approved and then sent to the customer to be signed. To provide the employees with relevant information, we can place the approval sheet on the sidebar of the Send contract to customer task. It will show the approvers and any comments they may have made.

To configure the widget, drag it to the canvas from the right panel of the interface designer or click +Widget. To learn more, see Form templates. Fill out the settings in the pop-up.

Main tab


  • App item*. This field is filled in automatically in accordance with the app you work in.
  • App item from context. Fill out this field if you are placing the widget on the form of a business process task. Specify an app item form the context of the process. For a contract approval process the variable would be Contract.

Events and System tab

These tabs are for system settings that are the same for all the widgets. They allow you to configure a widget’s visibility and access to its data, define what happens, when the user moves or hovers the pointer over the widget, etc. Find out more in System widget settings.

To complete the settings, click Save. To make the changes available to users, click Save and Publish in the top toolbar.

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