Low-code designer / Set up interfaces

Set up interfaces


ELMA365 offers low-code tools for interface customization of any level of complexity. You can create custom user-friendly pages for your employees without any software coding.

For example, it is essential for the marketing department to have the reports, the month’s plan, and the overdue invoices at their fingertips. In the same way, the HR department needs to quickly check the schedule compliance, go to the candidate database, add the interviews to the calendar. You can put all necessary functions to their work pages. That way, the employees won’t have to look for the data in different workspaces.

Customize the company interface

You can customize the interface in ELMA365 by using widgets and pages.

Widgets are the interface building blocks. By adding widgets to the page or form, you configure its appearance and function capabilities. If you can’t find a suitable widget from the default selection, you can create your own one. After that, you can use it on different pages as much as you want.

Page is an interface element that uses widgets to display necessary information. You can add the page to the main menu or to the workspace menu. The users will browse data, launch processes, carry out their tasks by using the pages you create.

You can create and customize the interfaces in the Administration > Interfaces section. Here you can find all the widgets and pages you have created.

The names of the unpublished interfaces are displayed in italics. They are not available to the users yet.



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Only the  users in the Administrators group can create and customize the interfaces.

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Click +Create and select Widget or Page.

Select the associated workspace. You can customize the interface of the whole company or a specific built-in workspace. For example, HR, Sales, Documents, etc. Unlike pages, widgets are created for the whole company, and are not associated with the specific workspace.



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If you are planning to use the page in several workspaces, keep in mind that you won’t be able to export the workspace where you have created the page.

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After you save the settings, the Interface Designer opens. Read more about the interface designer in this article.

Workspace and App interfaces

You can set up new pages and widgets workspace-wide and app-wide.

To do this, click the gear icon gear bluenext to the workspace name and select Interfaces.


The window with all the interfaces available for the selected workspace and workspace apps opens. Click +Create button to add a widget or a page.

In the same way, you can use the app menu to display the appl interfaces and set up the new ones.

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