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Archive a project

Finished projects can be archived using a process set up by the system administrator. To do that, they need to use the Archive activity or a custom script.

Note that you shouldn’t simply delete a finished project from the Projects app. The project plan’s status will stay the same, all assignments will remain active, and their statuses won’t change. This is because project plans and assignments belong to other apps.

When a project gets archived:

  • It is assigned the Archived status. A project like this can be viewed in the Projects workspace, on the Projects archive page. You can open a project’s page by clicking its name.
  • All data on an archived project’s page is only available for viewing.
  • The project plan and all the plan tasks are assigned the Archived status. Task participants get notifications about this. Such assignments can be viewed in the Tasks > Project Tasks on the All tab.

Restore an archived project

You can resume working on an archived project by doing one of the following:

When a project is restored:

  • It is assigned the Draft status.
  • The project plan and all assignments associated with it are assigned the Draft status. Such assignments can be viewed in the Tasks > Project Tasks on the All tab.
  • It becomes possible to edit the project plan and all its data.

To make assignments in a restored project active again, publish the project plan.

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