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Manage project plan tasks

When a project plan is published, tasks of the Task and Milestone types are assigned to their executors. Employees can view them and start working on them:

  • In the Project tasks section in the Tasks workspace.
  • On the project page in the My Project Tasks widget.

The executor and the user with the permission to edit the project plan can also view a task on the Gantt chart on the project page. To do that, hover over the task name, click the three dots, and select Open.


Here you can also mark tasks of the Task and Milestone types as completed or view tasks of the Process and Stage task types. A Process task will be automatically marked as done on the day that was specified when it was created. A Stage task will be considered completed when all the tasks that it includes are finished.

In the Project tasks section, select the view you need:

  • Active. Tasks that are due on the current date as well as those with the task progress percentage above zero.
  • Planned. Tasks that are scheduled for a future date.
  • Completed. All completed tasks.
  • All. All the tasks assigned to the current user, including canceled, archived, and restored ones.


List of tasks on the project page

On the project page, in the My Project Tasks widget, you can see all tasks assigned to you within the current project whose deadline is no more than one month away, starting from the current date. Overdue tasks are marked with a red dot. You can customize the task list. To do that, click the gear blue icon and select one of the options:

  • Table Settings. Change the set of fields shown in the task list and configure sorting.
  • Filter Settings. Set the task filtering parameters:
    • List of projects where you are a participant.
    • Executor you want to see in the task list.
    • Filter that allows you to see all tasks, only overdue tasks, or tasks without an executor.
    • Task start and end dates.

For example, you can display only overdue tasks assigned to you within all current projects.


Project task page

To open the task page, click on the task’s name. Here you can see the following information:


  1. Task description, due dates, and the associated activity stream.
  2. The task executor and a link to the associated project.
  3. Current status of the task.

As you work, specify the task’s progress on its page. The project participants will see this information on the Gantt chart.

If you edit the progress percentage in the chart, this will be reflected on the task page as well.

Note that on the pages of Stage tasks, you won’t see a percentage: they are simply either Completed or Not completed. These tasks are marked as done automatically as soon as all their subtasks are finished,

To complete a project task, click Done. When a task is completed, its color in the Gantt chart changes to a darker shade, and Done is displayed on the corresponding bar.

It is possible to make a completed task active again, so that the executor resumes working on it.

Project task statuses

Assignments of the Task and Milestone types can have one of the following statuses:

  • Draft. This status is assigned to tasks that have been created in an unpublished project plan or restored from the archive.
  • In progress. This status is assigned to tasks within published project plans.
  • Completed. This status is assigned in one of the following cases:
    • The executor clicks Done on the task page.
    • The executor or a project participant with the permission to edit the plan manually changes the task progress percentage to 100% in the Gantt chart or clicks Execute in the task’s context menu.
  • Canceled. This status is assigned to a task if it was deleted from a newly published project plan version.
  • Archived. This status is assigned to archived tasks.

These are the default statuses set for the Task and Milestone assignment types. The administrator can change them or add new ones if needed.

A task’s status can be viewed on the task page when you open it:

  • In Tasks > Project tasks. Here you can see all tasks except for the ones created in project drafts before it is published.
  • On the project page in the My Project Tasks widget.

Project task progress

You can change the task progress percentage so that all the participants are aware of the current state of the task. There are two ways to do it:

  • On the task page. The percentage specified in the corresponding bar in the Gantt chart will automatically adjust.
  • In the Gantt chart. Hover your mouse over the bar that represents the task. Click the slider that appears and drag it to the right. The new percentage you set will also be shown on the task page.


Apart from the executors, the employee with the permission to edit the project plan can change the progress percentage.

Completed tasks are crossed out in the list. The corresponding bars are marked as Done.

Stage tasks are considered completed only when all the tasks within them are finished.

A process task is marked as done when the process finishes.

When a Milestone type task is completed, the color of the diamond shape changes to green.

Restore a completed task

If you have the permission to edit the project plan, you can make a completed task active again. To do that:

  • On the Gantt chart, hover over the bar representing the task and move the slider to the left, making the progress percentage lower.
  • In the task list in the Gantt Chart section, click the three dots icon next to the task and select Send Back.
  • In the Tasks workspace, in the Project tasks section, open the page of a finished task and click Reopen.

Project task notifications

The executor of a project plan task receives the following notifications in their #Activity stream:

  • About new project plan tasks.
  • About changes in the start or end date of a project plan task.
  • About changing the executor of a project plan task.

In the following situations, notifications are sent to the Project Manager as well as to the project task executor:

  • When a task is completed, closed, deleted, or reopened by the employee with the permission to edit the project plan.
  • When a task is overdue. Notifications of this type are sent every day. In the notification received by the Project Manager, the task’s executor is specified.
  • When the project plan is archived.

These notifications are not displayed in the project activity stream. It is impossible to disable them.

There are no notifications about assignments of the Process and Stage task types.

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