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Manage project plan tasks

When a project plan is published, the Task and Milestone tasks are assigned to their executors, who can now start working on them. Project tasks can be viewed:

  • in the Tasks workspace. To enable this feature, please contact the ELMA365 tech support;
  • on the project page in the My Project Tasks widget.

The Process and Stage task assignments can only be viewed in the project plan. A Process task will be automatically completed on the day that was specified when it was created. A Stage task will be completed when all the tasks that it includes are completed.

In the Tasks workspace (if enabled for projects), the project tasks are displayed in a separate Project Tasks filter and are divided in the following lists:

  • Active. Tasks due on the current date as well as those with the task progress above zero;
  • Planned. Tasks that are scheduled for a future date;
  • Completed. All the completed tasks;
  • All. All the tasks assigned to the current user.


Project task page

To open the task page, click on the task name. Here you can review:


  1. Task description, due dates, associated activity stream.
  2. Main information about the task: executor, task progress, link to the project.
  3. Current status of the task.

To complete a project task, click Done. When a task is completed, its color in the Gantt chart changes to a darker shade.

Project task status

A Task and a Milestone can have one of the following statuses:

  • In progress. This status is assigned when the project plan is published;
  • Completed. The task status changes to Completed in one of the two cases:
    • the executor clicks Done on the task page;
    • the project manager manually changes the task progress percentage to 100% in the Gantt chart;
  • Canceled. This status is assigned to a task if it was deleted from a newly published project plan version.

These are the default statuses. The administrator can change them or add new ones in needed.

Project task progress

You can change the task progress in the Gantt chart so that all the participants are aware of the current state of the task. To do that, select the task in the plan and move the slider to the right.

When the executor completes the task, it is reflected in the project plan. Note that a stage task reaches 100% only when all the task within it are completed.

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