Projects is a built-in workspace in ELMA365 that is used for managing the company’s projects. Here you can create neat project plans, assign tasks to employees, monitor each project step, and evaluate the results of completed projects.


The workspace consists of:

  • The Projects page. Here you can see all the current projects of the company and open any project’s page.
  • The Templates page. Here you can view all the standard projects that can be used as templates for creating your own.
  • The Projects archive page. Here you can view all the completed projects that are no longer active.
  • The My Recent Projects section. Here you can see the projects that you have recently opened.
  • The Folders and Filters section. The workspace contains preset filters that help you quickly find a project where you act as participant, supervisor, or manager.
  • Built-in apps ProjectsProject PlanProject Plan ItemProject Task, and Project Stages. They are only used by the administrator, so they’re hidden from the left menu by default. These apps store all the created projects, project plans, tasks, and stages as separate app items. These apps allow you to set up the project page, define how the project plan and project tasks are managed, or configure access to the workspace. To learn more, see Set up the Projects workspace and Set up access and roles in Projects.

Projects page

Click on the name of a project to open its page. The page contains information about the project team and deadlines, shows the project plan and a list of tasks assigned to the user. Here you can view project files and leave a comment in the activity stream. Project manager can also edit the project plan, send it for approval, or publish it.

By default, entries are displayed as a table. You can change the view to Kanban board by clicking layout_icon  at the top of the page.

To add a new project, click +Project in the top right corner of the page.

If a project is finished, you can archive it.

Templates page

If you switched the Use as template option to Yes when creating a project, it will appear both on the Projects page and on the Templates page.

Before creating a project from scratch, view the existing templates. You can use a project similar to yours as a template, spending less time configuring the project plan.

Projects archive

Here you can see a list of finished and archived projects. This action is available if the administrator set up the project archiving process.

All data on the page of an archived project can only be viewed. To resume working on the project, click Restore.

My recent projects

The projects you’ve recently opened, for example, to view the project plan or the list of tasks assigned to you, will be displayed in the left menu. You can quickly open a project from this section by clicking its name.

Folders and filters

You can filter the project to view only those where you act as participant, supervisor, or manager. You can also set up custom folders, configure access permissions for them, and perform other actions with folders.

To learn more about working with projects, see the following articles:

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