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Security Audit module

The module provides additional security when working in ELMA365. It allows logging and analyzing events related to changes in user permissions and data.

Companies can use this module to perform an internal security audit and guarantee protection of corporate data against unauthorized access.

начало внимание

For the module to work, you first need to install the Security Audit service on ELMA365 On-Premises. You can read more about installing the service and the module in Security Audit service.

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The module and the service allow you to monitor the following events:

  • when a user logs in and logs out;
  • unsuccessful attempts to enter a user password;
  • when a user signs out by clicking the Sign Out button;
  • when app items are added, modified or deleting;
  • when a user changes a file or uploads a new version.

The list of registered events differs for different versions of the module.

Please note that the events related to data sampling, such as sending to print or displaying reports, are not registered.

Display the report

You can view the report with the results of the registered events by using the Audit widget. You can place this widget on any page of the interface.

The widget starts showing data right after it is added to the page in the interface designer. If necessary, you can also specify the system settings of the widget.

начало внимание 

Only users included in the Administrators group can view the report. All other users will see a message saying "You do not have access to view Security audit".

конец внимание

Here is an example of how this report may look like.


Above the table of events there are filters for a faster search with parameters.

The data about the registered events is stored in the external database separately from the information that is processes by built-in apps or Store components. These data are saved as JSON and can be processed by external applications.

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