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Advanced duplicate search settings

On the Advanced settings tab, you can:

  • set the percentages of duplicate probability that will be considered high and medium depending on the percentages in rule conditions.
  • set the minimal length of field values that are going to be checked for matches.
  • choose the statuses of app items that will be checked for matches.
  • select the status that app items will be assigned if they are marked as duplicates.


Let’s look into each of these options.

Minimal percentages for duplicate detection

For each condition in a duplicate detection rule, you can set a certain percentage that will determine the value of this condition. After a duplicate check, the scores of all conditions are added up. If you add the Duplicates widget to the form, the sum total will be displayed on app item pages. The widget’s color will be yellow or red depending on the number of overlapping fields and the values of all conditions.

In the Set up the minimal percentages for duplicate detection results section, you can determine what the minimal percentages to consider items potential duplicates are going to be. The widget’s color will depend on the probability of the app item being a duplicate (high or medium):

  • Red indicator. By default, it is set to 70%. The color of the Duplicates widget will be red.
  • Yellow indicator. By default, it is set to 30%. The color of the Duplicates widget will be yellow.

For example, the following rule is configured for the Deals app by default: the system searches for matches in the Name field of the deal (40% value) and in the Work phone, Work email, and Name fields of the contact linked with the deal (20% value each).

If only the names of the deals match, the notification on their pages will be yellow, as the probability of it being a duplicate will be 40%.


If the system finds matches in all the fields specified in the rule, app items will be considered duplicates with a score of 100%. The widget on their pages will be red:


Exclude fields from search

You can specify the minimal length of field values that will be compared during duplicate checks. To do that, use the Exclude the values with less than X symbols from the search option. By default, the number of symbols is 3, but you can increase it.

Let’s say you set the minimal number of symbols to 4. This means that if a deal’s name includes only three symbols, it won’t be considered a duplicate of other deals with similar or identical names.

Statuses in duplicate search

For the apps that have statuses (Leads and Deals), you can:

  • Select statuses included in the duplicate search. Here you can select certain statuses of app items. Only the items with these statuses will be included in the process of duplicate detection.
  • Change the status of the item marked as a duplicate. Select the status that an item will get if you mark it as a duplicate.


Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the page to apply the new advanced settings.


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