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This widget is used to place interface elements in one line in any order you need, specifying their alignment.

To add the widget to a form, drag it from the side panel of the interface designer to the canvas or use the +Widget button. Read more in the Form templates article. Set up the widget in the window that opens.

Main tab


  • Align items*. You can align elements left or right, center or justify them, and arrange them evenly.

System tab

System settings are similar for all widgets. They allow you to set the widget’s visibility and access permissions, configure the widget’s behavior when the user hovers over it, etc. Read more about these settings in the System widget settings article.

To finish configuring the widget, click Save and then Publish on the interface designer toolbar.


In this example, right alignment is selected in the String widget’s settings, so the Create button is located on the right side of the window, not on the left, as it would have been placed by default.


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