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Modal window content

The Modal window content widget is automatically added to every app form and serves for placing other widgets inside of it. By default, this widget contains all properties added to the app’s context.

Change settings or delete the widget

Open the interface designer and click an empty space under the top panel of the modeling canvas.


Click the gear icon near the widget’s name. The system settings window will open. These settings are similar for all widgets. They allow you to set a widget’s visibility and access permissions, configure the on mouse enter event, etc. Read more about these settings in System widget settings.

To delete the widget and its content from the form, select it and click the recycle bin icon. This can be useful if you want to quickly clear the modeling canvas of all widgets and properties added to it.

Note that you cannot add the Modal window content widget back to the form after you delete it.

To finish configuration, click Save.

To make the form available to users, click Save and Publish in the designer's toolbar.

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