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Scripts in TypeScript

A script is TypeScript code that allows you to implement complex logic and access system objects.

начало внимание

The principles of script writing in ELMA365, the description of data types and global constants, etc. can be found in ELMA365 TS SDK.

конец внимание

Scripts are used in business processes and widgets. The following articles provide detailed information on the use of scripts:

  • Script. Scripts are added to business processes via a special activity. In this article, you will learn how to configure the activity.
  • Scripts tab. This article describes the script editing tab in business processes.
  • Gateways. This article shows how you can use scripts in gateways to calculate the values of service variables.
  • Code. Scripts can be used in widgets to process app data, modify pages, or interact with external systems.
  • Additional parameters. In this article you will find detailed information on how to set additional parameters for scripts. You will also see an example of their use. Additional parameters allow you to customize a process or make changes to a script without republishing.

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