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This widget allows you to add a button to a page, an application or a task form. You can use a script to define the actions of a button when a user clicks on it pressed.

To configure the widget, drag it to the canvas or click +Widget. Enter the settings in the pop-up window.


  • Display*. Select the widget appearance.
  • Name/Tooltip*. Enter the name or the tooltip text for a button.
  • Icon. Select an icon to appear with the button name.
  • Predefined action. Select the predefined action: Send or Accessibility. This option is available when working with Create, View, and Edit forms.


  • On click handler. Create an event on button click. On the task forms, this is the reassignment; on the item view forms, it's opening of the app access settings.

The Hide, Read only, HTML styles, On mouse enter handler, On mouse leave handler settings are the system widget settings. Read more about them in this article.

To finish the configuration, click Save and Publish.

Use case

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